Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Your Own Hero

Some of my posts encourage increased human interaction but even that has its limitations,one mistake we usually make is to give too much of ourselves to the people in our lives only to realize that we do not even have an inch of them.

It hurts to discover that the support systems you thought you had are not as supportive as they should be, but one thing you should be grateful for is the advantage of knowing,
knowing that should things get hard, your all you have and that's what you need to make do with.

if you choose to believe in your own strengths and abilities they will never fail you because they are your weapons against anything you have to go through!

Friday, July 24, 2015

False Hope

There's nothing more painful and discouraging like discovering that you have been given false hope, realizing that all these wonderful thoughts you've been having are nothing but distant visions of a happier time and place that you are nowhere near reaching.

You know people often perceive me as cold or rude but I'm not either of those things, I just believe that sometimes you need to put yourself outside the reach of certain things in life so that you have fewer negative forces acting against you and your happiness.

I think that false hope is something that we all need to be aware of and adapt to because its something that we all encounter which often leaves us feeling down and disappointed.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Self Empowerment

I always say that in other for others to start believing in and support you, firstly you need to show them how capable and full of potential you are.
 most of the time the kind of image of yourself is exactly how people are going to perceive you so I say see yourself as the best there could ever be out there and watch yourself become the best!
inspired by positive truth

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Your Time Will Come

there comes a time in life where you have that one thing that you really love and want to have but no matter how much you try its just not happening.
today i found myself wondering why some people seem to be having everything working for them, what am i doing wrong? i really did not understand.

but then i realized that in life we are walking in different paths which lead to different destinations and the time we take to reach those destinations is determined by the situations we have to over come along the way.

never compare yourself to anyone because the foundations and directions of your lives can never be the same. embrace,love and respect yourself and never loose hope because your efforts are being noticed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Like trust i believe that the ability to influence should be earned because not everyone deserves to have influential power over our lives.

one thing i have notice is that once the wrong people discover that you easily influenced they will stop at nothing to get you off track, especially if they see that you have the potential to be something far greater  than they could ever be!!

Basis of Judgement

judgement has to be based on relevant true facts about a matter or situation, 
just because you have an opinion about something does not necessarily mean that your fit to judge other people because most of the time our assumptions about situations are completely wrong.

be judgmental about things you understand because with you it might be easy to come up with an idea and try to make it a reality while the person your trying to paint is busy going through realistic challenges.