Monday, March 21, 2016

The Beauty Of Love....

Love is a beautiful feeling once it's there it gets rid of jealousy, uncertainties and fear.
When you love someone you can't see their flaws nor their weaknesses. 
They say love is blind, yes it is blind, blind to negativity and everything that is not positive.
Love is positive, it gives one hope and confidence about the future.
Love doesn't have a motive, it doesn't judge, it is harmless.
Love covers all wrongs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Its not love anymore if your not happy!

Have you ever had to walk away from someone you genuinely love because your just not happy anymore? Well I did and it's tearing me apart.
I'm not hurting because I left, giving up on the hope and faith that I had in our relationship is what is really proving to be a challenge because I feel like I have to travel into the future and erase all the hopes and dreams I had for us, the belief that I had of us staying together forever and just coming to terms with the fact that it's just not happening anymore. Everything is just different now and I'm not really sure if I was ever ready for it! 
But I didn't leave because I wanted to, I just realized that it's no use loosing more of myself to a situation I'm no longer getting any serious satisfaction from, happiness is temporary and is often clouded by everything else that is happening between us. Loosing more of my self to a situation that constantly makes me feel like a liability or inconvenience.  
I just think that sometimes we just need to learn to be able to love the people we love from afar, where they are no longer influencing our lives and just be there until we've let go enough to properly move on.
The love I have for myself will sustain me through all this because I definitely know that I can absolutely do better and nothing is ever really worth it if it doesn't bring Joy to my life. 
Change is not easy, but it can definitely free you!!! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Never Stop Winning

The moment you begin to tell yourself that you won is the very same moment you begin to lose. 
In life win doesn't have a past tense is either you keep winning or you lose that's all. 
Winners don't stop winning thats why we see even the richest people striving to be even more richer. 
Is it selfish behaviour to want more even if you have more ?,  Well I say that question depends on who is asking it, the person saying this might be a winner who feels that they achieved too much now they want  to rest or the person saying this might be a bitter person who has given up and not even trying to win, now they say it because they want to be justified for losing and being negative.
I say its selfish when a person who has been winning, taking the opportunity for the ones who just started winning.
None the less keep winning and approach each challenge with positive attitude, that will guarantee you a win