Sunday, May 31, 2015

Self Empowerment

If you believe in the power that lies within yourself there is not a lot of things that you cannot achieve in life.

Sometimes you dont have to wait for someone else to come and pick you up each time you fall, power yourself up, look back and say i have learnt then continue gowing with even more courage and determination than before.

believe in your capabilities, power and courage!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sometimes it experience to understand

Most personal decisions I make are based on my past experiences and once I decide on something it’s hard for me to turn back because I know that there is a perfectly good reason that made sense to me which led to me taking the decision.

Sometimes people tend to question our decisions in life and try to convince us that we are wrong but the thing is that they do not understand, they did not go through what you went through and your judgement was based on experience not just personal interests.

Stay true to yourself because sometimes you know better!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love yourself...

you have the potential to be anything you want, its all up to you!

they are only trying to make you feel bad about yourself because they can see the potential you have, the potential to be a better person than they will ever be.

do not give them any attention because immediately when you start trying to fight back, that will be you sinking down to their level.
please never allow the negative criticism define who you are.

learn to let go of negative influences, do not give anything that does not make you smile any power over you.

its a personal choice, it all has to start with you.

believe that your worth it, it will definately be worth it at the end!!!

Know Your Limits…

We all want to achieve things in life; we want to see ourselves progressing in our lives. 

This is a great thing and should be found in every one of us because before you can ever go anywhere you first need to have a vision of your destination in order to stay focused and never lose hope.

But before we can ever actually do anything of ourselves we first need to know and understand our limits, because they are what determine how much effort we will be able to put in and how long it will take before we actually achieve what we set out to do.

Never pressurise yourself by comparing yourself to others around you, we do not have the same abilities or endure things the same way.

What might be a very difficult task to you may be a walk in the park for the next person so only view another’s progress in a way which will inspire you and encourage you to keep going no matter what. 

You don’t have to bend yourself until you break, explore your abilities once in a while but know that even if you work well within your limits you’ll still make it because no effort goes to waste.

Do you like you?

We all want to fit in or belong somewhere in life, it’s a need that most of us want to satisfy.

Sometime it becomes a problem when one cannot find people to associate with and this tends to give one a feeling of inferiority, and they’ll often end up secluding themselves from everyone else.

I believe that no one will ever love someone who does not love themselves, start appreciating yourself and stop viewing your image negatively because people will only give back what you give out.

The moment you start believing in yourself, loving yourself and appreciating whatever you have, that’s when people will also start developing interest in you. Because you are not giving them any leverage against you.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Positive Emotional Development

I view feelings and emotions as things that just occur and some are even beyond our control. They can be seen as a response to something you like or dislike, and I think they are also linked with our personalities.

Our feelings and emotions play a vital role in our personal growth, how we feel about something is determined by how we view that particular thing and our behaviour will also change towards it.

So to be able to maintain a positive emotional state we have to first start by changing how we perceive things in life and how we choose to evaluate a situation.

You can write down a list of things you do not like and next to each dislike write down why it is that way.

After doing so find an alternative way of looking at the issue, isn’t there anything that you benefit from it or any other way of embracing it rather than allowing it to temper with your emotions each time you encounter it, surely there has to be a way.

From there then purposefully expose yourself to the issue and find out if your new found solution is effective, if it’s not, do not give up but rather go back to the drawing board and find another way.

We can effectively develop all aspects of our lives, in order to live more positively!

Make failure a part of your Success plan

Success and failure go together, so in order for us to be truly successful we need to acknowledge the fact that there is no way to bypass failure.

I believe that we all have the potential to be successful in life and the determining factor will be how much we choose to dwell in our failures. As soon as you start concentrating on all the things you did wrong and how you have failed at doing something that’s when you start giving failure power over your success.

Change the way you view failure, why not see it as a way of gaining experience or how it gives you knowledge about what to do and what not to do in future? There are a lot of positive ways that one can choose to use when reflecting on their failure. Identify yours and start implementing it; you generally have nothing to lose from changing your point of view when it comes to failure.

Do not allow failure to limit your capabilities and abilities, you have what it takes!!!

You are not alone, someone cares!

we are always encouraged to share and it was never restricted to only positive things.

In life we need to realize that we are not alone, we are not supposed to deal with everything on our own. We can never make it on ourselves, so we all need to have people who will always be there for us whether through good or bad.

For people to start contributing positively in your life you first need to allow them to do so because sometimes people will care about you voluntarily and yet you never appreciate it because you claim to have never asked them to do so.

One thing I have learned about dealing with problems independently is that you run out of solutions sometimes and get overwhelmed by emotions of failure or disappointment.

Having people to talk to about what you go through is very helpful because you will find that the next person has a different point of view about your problem and can easily help you deal with it, so this is something that most of us should start practicing.

Never allow yourself to feel like you’re a burden just because you shared you problems with someone in your life.

Give the next person an opportunity to help you turn your life around, it’s their responsibility if the genuinely care about you.

Your Circumstances do not define who you are

We are all born into different circumstances, some are advantageous but we are mostly affected badly by the negative ones.

For me circumstances are not there to put us down or to make us loose hope but they are there to remind us why we should always focus on the things that will bring positive change in our lives.

The moment you stop giving your circumstances power over you that’s when you’ll start seeing your purpose in life. Always believe in the power that is invested in you because each time you tap into it there’s no obstacle that will stand in your way.

You would be in that situation if you didn’t have the ability to overcome it.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I never got a chance to say goodbye

I’m one person who truly believes that everything that happens in our lives is part of Gods plan for us, no matter how bad the situation is. Yes it gets difficult sometimes and belief does not seem enough to help us pull through but we just have to keep strong and always have faith.

In 2009 my mom passed away and I have made peace with the whole thing but it happened so quickly and I was really young at the time, at that age I didn’t think of my mother dying any time soon even when I could see that she’s really sick.

The thing with me right now is that I feel like I never said goodbye to her, it’s something I haven’t really come to terms with. I sometimes wish that I could go back and just talk to her one more time, just hear her tell me that she loves me for the last time, one last hug and just part ways with her properly.  

It’s not affecting negatively but it will always be that thing that I never got a chance to do…

Learn to take a Compliment

I just understand why we often find it difficult to fully accept a compliment, is it a part of one’s personality or is it that we are always expecting negativity from other people? I believe that most of us just think that we being teased or mocked even if the person is truly passing a genuine compliment.

This has to stop, we need to teach ourselves to take compliments because they can change all the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves, and they can help develop our confidence and self-esteem. They help us love ourselves more; they give us a sense of value and pride.

Compliments contribute to your personal growth, stop blocking them out and fully embrace them!

Life does not have to be routine

We all have a particular routine which we usually follow when it comes to living our lives, more specifically with how we use up our spare times when we are not working or studying. The thing with a routine is that it gets boring and exhausting sometimes so what I have realized is that we do not give other things in our lives an opportunity to really up lift us and make life more interesting.

Instead of chatting to your friend over the phone why not drive or walk over and personally interact with them, yes you enjoy sitting at home watching or listening to something but why don’t you take a walk for a change? Get out there and experience your environment, breath in the fresh air and just enjoy the moment. There’s an endless amount of things you can do to keep your life interesting, all you have to do is to step out of your comfort zone and give them a chance. It’s that simple!

You only get one chance at Life, make the best out of it.

Giving Up

Sometimes giving up seems like the worst thing to do, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need to do. Especially when it comes to other people or things that do not really return anything to you. Everything you do should be worth the trouble, you should be able to pause and look back at all the benefits of your efforts. This will give you the power and courage to keep going forward, to add on extra efforts to maximize outputs and gain the highest possible satisfaction.

There are people in our lives that we generally care about and never want to leave behind, particularly family. It’s often sad to see someone you care about going down a bad road or being involved in things that might get them into trouble but sometimes you have to acknowledge that you did your part, you’ve talked to them,
And tried showing them a better side of life but if one has chosen a path its really up to them to revoke it and start something new and better. Never blame yourself for the next person’s mistakes but rather be there for them and hope that they’ll change before it’s too late.

In life we initiate a lot of things without any guarantee that they’ll workout, yes everyone what’s to see their creations grow and succeed but sometimes circumstances tend to oppose that. There are certain things that are not in your control and if you find yourself in that situation giving up will not be a sign of weakness or lack of courage but to show that you are intelligent enough to realise that you are losing more than what you are supposed to be gaining. Giving up does not mean it’s the end, go back to your drawing board with the experience you have and come up with something far better than the previous one. You are capable of doing so…

Celebrate Every Morning

Do you know that being able to wake up every morning is a Blessing on is own? While the journey of others ended yesterday you are given another opportunity to do something with your life, appreciate that.

The way you decide to start your day determines how productive you will be throughout the day, so do not start your day by remembering the mistakes of yesterday but rather reflect on them and say "I move on to something new that comes with the new day".

Decide to be in a good mood, plan out your day and just enjoy it. It all starts with you!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

You Are Only Human : Being optimistic is one of the best persona decis...

You Are Only Human :
Being optimistic is one of the best persona decis...
: Being optimistic is one of the best persona decisions one can make to enrich their lives with positivity. life has its challenges yes but...


This is very true, sometimes people in our lives go out of their way to please or satisfy us and yet we often fail to realize that. People care or love differently, their way of expressing how they feel about you may not be the one you prefer but just appreciate the fact that they are actually doing something to contribute to the positive growth of your life.

Some people find it hard to appreciate, saying something as simple as 'thank you' to them is an issue. Mostly things such as social status and pride contribute to this. if you know that you are like that then I would like to remind you that when you appreciate someone you do not personally loose anything and that does not mean that the person will stop respecting you. You are just showing that particular person that their efforts are recognised and you are thankful for them, this brings joy and happiness to one’s life.

Let’s all start appreciating people, no matter how small the effort is just stop and say “Thank you”.

Where there is life Hope still exists!!!

Where there’s still life there’s still hope and it should not be ignored, irrespective of its magnitude.

For me Hope and God go hand in hand,

Hope has to do with my thoughts and emotions, maintain a positive mental state at all times usually gives an individual the ability to view the world and its problems differently. Instead of dwelling in the negativity of a situation one can choose to focus on what they have learned and how the whole situation has contributed to their personal growth. Yes sometimes it gets difficult sometimes but a positive mind gives you a good start to everything.

Emotions are more complex and can easily overwhelm one if not taken care of, emotional stability does not mean that one should lose their ability to be sympathetic or not be able to get hurt by anything. I believe that there is nothing wrong with one expressing their true emotions but it should not be something that is prolonged and done in the absence of someone who can help you battle the emotional pain. A positive mind usually helps with calming one down and returning to a much happier emotional state.

In order for God to take effect on your life you have to believe, believe in His power, love, support and ability to be with us through happy and rough times. Establish a relationship with your God, love Him and you shall be blessed…

I once read that “Hope is what gives you the ability to carry your problems without breaking”, which I have adopted ever since.

Never give up on yourself or a loved one because there is Hope.

share your opinion or experience, it might change some one's life!

Personality Conflict

Personality Conflict

 Recently I have been experiencing difficulties when it comes to my personality and the people in my life. Yes I have admitted that I’m not exactly the nicest person you can meet but I’m not the worst either and I can justify why.

I’ve always believed that the only way to survive in this world is to stop complaining and adapt. There are a lot of things that a lot of people do not understand about me, even my family. When you are made feel like you’re less than good enough or you are just not worth the space you fill up you tend to develop anger towards everything or everyone and end up secluding yourself from the world. You believe that life is better when you’re alone because you cannot judge yourself, torment and always be reminded how weak you are.

I never complained about anything when I was growing up, I would always find a way or do whatever it took to deal with the situation and move on as quickly as possible. I developed defences, mental shields and emotional limits which I always resorted to each time I was having a problem of any kind. They all contributed to the person I am today.

The only problem now is that all these traits work effectively when I’m alone and don’t socialize much because they were designed to not easily let people into my life, block out whatever negative comment the had to say about me and keep me going no matter what. Now that I’m in university and I have friends and people I have to do my school work with it often becomes a problem.

I want to participate in group activities and have a great time with my friends like any other student on campus but the issue is that everyone sees me as this rude person who’s a control freak and is not willing to give anyone an opportunity because they have strong opinions about everything.

I’ve tried to adjust to my new social circumstances but it just seems to never be enough, One thing I’m not prepared to do is to alter my entire personality in other to please others and it seems like that’s what everyone expects me to do which is impossible.

I feel a bit lost right now, I want different opinions and ideas concerning the matter. Hope I’m not the only one experiencing this problem.

Happiness is a personal choice

Realistically happiness is everywhere around us, we just have to choose to tap into it and let it become a part of our daily lives. we often tend to believe that we are happy because there's nothing bad we are going through but thats generally not how it is, we are truly happy when we smile not as a response to others or not to seem rude but because the sun is shining a little brighter that day, those little things which usually join up to compose the whole that makes life worth living.

Being optimistic is one of the best persona decisions one can make to enrich their lives with positivity. life has its challenges yes but before they actually start affecting us we have a choice, a choice to either give them the power to put us down or to let them empower us by giving us experience and knowladge. Its your choice!