Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Embrace Your Individuality. ....

I spent half my life wanting to fit in, I did things only to be seen as a cool person and I went out of my way to get other people's approval. I did what I thought was right in the eyes of other people but to me it didn't feel right. 

Sometimes we are afraid to embrace who we are because we are afraid of the reaction we will from our friends, families and the community at large. We are striving to fit in whereas we have to stand out. 

One thing that I learnt is that if you don't embrace who you really are, you will be half the person you are supposed to be and this means you are limiting yourself. 

Don't let your other people's opinions about you drown your inner voice, one thing that is certain is that we are all unique, so just go out there and be yourself for there will never be anyone like you.... 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Step At A Time

Every step you take towards your success makes you a step closer to achieving it.  I have learnt that things don’t just happen but we are the ones who make things happen and the first rule of making things happen is that we should get out of our comfort zone and get out there and chase that one thing we really want. It might not happen overnight and it might not be as easy as it sounds but with endurance and determination it will happen. Look it doesn’t matter when it will happen what really matters is knowing that it will happen. When you have the assurance that something will happen you won’t be shaken by failure or hardships.

It only begins with one positive step at a time.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Which aspect of your life do you choose to Focus on?

Life has its ups and downs, you have your good days and you have the bad. And sometimes the bad tends to overwhelm the good but that doesn't mean the value of all the good things in your life should not be recognized.

I Realized that sometimes we do not live Happily because we are not allowing ourselves to be happy, you can never be happy if you concentrate too much on the things that get/got you down. Think of yourself as an environment, are you an environment that allow happiness to survive? Do you allow good things to thrive and prosper? As much as negative things affect us, do the positive ones affect you with the same magnitude? .

Life has not been easy for me but I have seen that it has to start with me, I have to make the necessary changes and choice that will make the kind of life I want to live reality. Yes it's not easy and some changes or choices have side effects but like I've said before, if it's for the greater good of yourself then it's absolutely worth it.

Love yourself enough to be willing to go the extra mile, I'm Embracing Positive Change and I don't want to partake in this journey alone because I'm not the only one needing positive change but for as long as your reading this I know that there's still hope for better days and brighter lives out here!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here's To Life...

This is to remind you that even if things are not going your way, even if you are in a bad space there is something that is worth celebrating and that is life, Yes we all have bad days its part of life so lets embrace every bit of it and lets look forward to a new day with our heads held up high. Celebrate life and take the little you have to make life wort living. Appreciate the little things you have in order for them to multiply.

Monday, November 23, 2015

What Is It Going To Be ??

Trials and tribulations will come and this is a reality that each and everyone face in life. When those times come life itself will feel lifeless, cold and very dark. It's the most difficult time one has to face and at times it will feel like everything is just caving in on you and there's no escaping and the amount of pressure you will find yourself in, is immeasurable. Yes this kind of situations do exist but they are not there to stand between us our dreams, they are there to make us better people,  who are positive, patient and people who know that they are tougher than the challenges they are faced with.
If a defining moment comes, will you define it or will it define you ?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Does It Have To Be This Hard ?

"Why does it have to feel this hard?"
I used to ask myself this question multiple times and I figured out that if it was easy we wouldn't be worthy of proclaiming it as ours. It has to hurt and it has to be hard now, so that someday when you will look back and see the change that the struggles has made in your life and the goals attained. I realised that the hardships of life are only temporary but the regrets of giving up are a lifetime. The hard times are only the building blocks of what is going to be the greatest time of your life. What I'm saying is that don't cry or give up when in hard times but rejoice because the success that is ahead, is greater than the pains and struggles you facing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nothing Comes Easy....

When I was a little kid I used to hear people tell their stories to success and I never believed a thing they said. Every time they stopped talking I used to tell myself that it's just a tactic they use to motivate me. I always believed that all things I wanted will just come to me without hard work or without me putting in more effort into it. But as I got older I realized that nothing comes easy, that it is the effort we put in that determines our worthiness of reaching the goals we've set for ourselves and if we prove to be worthy of owning that goal it will be granted to us. The most important lesson I learnt was that nothing comes to you it is you who goes and get it and you have to be mentally and physically ready to steadfast even when things seem to be going wrong.
>>>Nothing That's Worth Having Comes Easy<<<

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Current Definition of Loneliness

Traditionally loneliness is a sad experience that comes from being apart from others, feeling alone generally. but that's not always the case because I often feel alone even when I have people around me which then shows that sometimes having people in your life does not make everything right.

For me I think its caused by having people who do not understand me personally or those who understand me but are still oblivious to what really matters to me. We all have different kinds of people in our lives, some are close, some are distant and you'd expect some sort of difference from the two which sometimes does not really exist because I sometimes feel like people will be around you for the sake of company or just to eliminate boredom and never really exceed that.

Yes one might call it expecting too much from others but I call it building a mutual relationship which benefits both persons at some point. I want to have people I can be free with without fear of anything, people who I can trust with my deepest secrets and not worry about them using it against me, people who can understand my situations and still want to be around me anyway. The list goes on and those are just the things I expect from the people who are close to me.

We do not always get what we want in life but never be afraid of expressing yourself and how you would want things to be, if those people really care then they'll understand. Now since Its a mutual thing, do not expect them to want the same things you want but rather be open to their expectations and meet them as much as they are willing to meet yours.

This is one of the things we experience at some point in our lives, but as we Embrace Positive Change we also have to learn how to deal with these issues and just be able to live life in ways that complete our true-selves.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Change Begins With You

I believe that in order to change the people around you, you have to change yourself first and that change has to be visible for every one to witness it. Change is contagious so when people begin to notice that you changed  they will be inspired to change their lives too. Your success can be another person's courage, motivation, inspiration and hope. So go ahead and be the one who brings change in the lives of people who are looking up to you. It only takes one Single courageous step to do that. I challenge you to Embrace Positive Change......
Do you accept the challenge ???

Friday, November 6, 2015

Live life according to your own Standards and Discretion

We only get one chance at life, so we have to live in a way that completes and satisfies us over everything else. I do recognize that we get a lot of satisfaction from doing things that please others but we also have to recognize our own existence and remember that we also have expectations for ourselves that must not be shadowed by those of others.

for as long as your living life according to what other people expect from you, the chances of you ever really discovering and realizing yourself are slim. How are you suppose to actualize yourself if your always limited by another's expectations? How are you suppose to explore and realize your true potential if your not even allowing yourself to make decisions putting you on a path that will lead you there?

Honestly deciding to take charge of your own life is a choice that should be taken by every living being, sometimes it might be seen as being rebellious but that's better than living a predetermined life without any freedom and personal satisfaction.

I respect people who are always standing up for what they want, who are not afraid of "what others will think" and just remember that their happiness has to always come first. I found people talking and thinking on earth, and its a continuous thing I will even leave behind so I see no need to take somethings so uncontrolled and want to always be on the good side of every talk or thought!

Love and Be Yourself, You know what you want in life, so pursue it relentlessly and let nothing or no one stand in between you and your greatest desires! This is exactly how Positive Change is Embraced in one's life. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Its Okay, Take Your Time.

One thing I have realized is that we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves because of not being satisfied with the progress we are currently making in life, its okay to want more out of life or wish for better circumstances but remember that in order for your life to be balanced, everything has to happen at the right time so that you can recognize the benefits you receive and also not feel overwhelmed by your activities.

And there's also competition, I never put myself in situations where I feel like I'm competing with anyone in life. I try to avoid those situations at all costs because i feel like they create unnecessary tension which might lead to conflicts. Now some people believe that can be used as motivation to always aim higher than the other or to always do better which can be a good thing if one is able to separate their emotions from the whole competition and limit it only to "a motivational factor".

We set goals for ourselves on our own and deal with the challenges we encounter while trying to achieve those goals alone too, if you have someone assisting you then that's good and your fortunate but I believe that most of us do this on our own. That is why we always need to do things at a pace that does not strain us, or not at another persons pace

Its okay to push yourself once in a while to explore your abilities but let it not be because of the pressure from another person, we do not go through the same things in life, that's is why it is unnecessary sometimes to want to compare yourself to others. appreciate whatever progress your making and always do whats best for yourself because eventually we'll all arrive at the destinations we want to see ourselves at!
Embrace Positive Change

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Grandmother, She turning 65 today.

She’s one of the people who have always been there for me since day one, the role of a mother was taken up by her ever since forever for me and that has generally showed me that she has genuine love for me and never have I felt the absence of my biological mother. She's given me the best life possible which always inspires to do better with the life I have now.

She’s not perfect; no one is and should never be expected to be! But she has taught me that in life you have to make do with the little you have, that nothing in life comes easily and I need to take charge of my own life and give it direction.

 Her determination and perseverance always reminds me that nothing is ever really impossible and that in life you just need to always do your part and let the rest align itself in your favor.

She didn’t exactly have it easy in life, as most people didn’t during her time but she did not succumb to the pressures of whatever she was experiencing back then, she had goals and expectations for herself and was not willing to give them up over anything.

Most of us are fortunate that we did not have to go through the struggles they experienced, which Is more reasons to ensure that we do not put ourselves In any struggles now that might affect us negatively and hinder our positive growth in life.

I’m blessed to have her in my life and wish That God blesses her with many more years to come. Appreciate those that bring light into your life and always recognize their importance, it’s a part of embracing positivity in your life!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Your ability to Let Go...

Letting go of things in life for me is freeing, because things do not stay and form unnecessary strong holds in my life that will impact on me negatively. There’s no point in hanging onto something that is not really benefiting you positively in anyway, I always say that if it’s not making you happy or completing you in any way then maybe it’s not even worth the trouble.

Irrespective of the magnitude of whatever you might be hanging onto I suggest that you part ways with it and focus on the things that can actually better your life right now, look at the future with a positive eye and just expect the best form it.

I always tell myself that I’m my greatest asset and that if I positively invest in myself then the benefits are infinite. I have promised myself that i'm going to get the most out of the life I have now and will not allow anything to have any negative influence in my life.

It’s a personal choice that one needs to take and live out the single lifetime they have to the fullest without any interference, so the choice is yours!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Past

Today I had something like a flash back of a past experience that really made me understand the outcome of something right now, which really intrigued me for some time.

After that I realized that we are always talking about how we want to forget the past and just move on, yet sometimes the past is exactly what we need to make us understand the things we encounter while moving through life.

I do believe that we should not dwell in past events especially those that were negative, but look at the past as a tool or experience you need to get ahead in life. Its gives you necessary insight about situations and minimize the chances of having to re-live the experience again so I say let’s not run away from our past but rather let it flout alongside us for our own convenience without affecting us in anyway.

Our past’s give us experience, and we need experience for almost everything in life so let’s embrace it and grow ourselves personally through perseverance and endurance!! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pain Changes People...

Pain is something that we all experience in life, the severity and duration of its effects differs with situations but it’s still pain experienced none the less. A lot of us are born kind but because of the things we experience and the pain we have to deal with, we often find ourselves lost in dark areas in our lives caused by anger, resentment and negativism!

I understand exactly how pain can change an individual because I believe that it is something that I have had to go through myself. There are a lot of things that have caused a lot of pain in my life and for some time I was very bitter and dissatisfied with everything in my life, I even reached a point where I saw no reason for me to continue living because I felt like my life was some kind of repetitive cycle of disappointment and pain and I was just prepared to give up.

But I managed to break free and accept the blessing that were due to me, in fact looking back right now I feel like what I was going through was a test that I managed to pass. I’m very proud of the person I am and who I have become because I understand exactly what it took to take myself this far. I believe that God has always been on my side even when I felt like the whole world was against me, family and new found friends always encourage me to do better in life and I am very grateful for that!

In whatever way pain has changed you I believe that you can also find solace and just find balance and peace in your life, it might not be easy but it’s possible!, If it’s going to change your life for the better then it’s absolutely worth the trouble.

One mistake I made is to reach a point where I have given up on myself and it is something that nobody should get to experience because how we feel and view ourselves should not be influenced in any way by the negative things we experience in life, that’s how I see things now!

This is something to really think about and at the end I trust that Positivism will be a part of each and every person’s life, lets continue Embracing Positive Change.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bringing Positive Change

Changing your life for the better is probably one of the difficult things you can ever do because it involves sacrifices and alterations that are often not easy to endure. We all have our ways of doing things and there’s a point in life where those ways will either continue working for you or show you that there’s something wrong/missing that is needed.

Looking back I’ve actually come a long way when looking at the changes I have made to my life in order to accommodate positivity and the pleasure of having genuine people in my life. I have managed to identify a lot of things about myself that I was not aware of and now my life is at equilibrium and I do not have much to really complain about which is a good thing when compared to how things were previously.

I know I’m not the only one who has come a long way so far, I’m sure if you were to take time and just look at the things you’ve gotten through so far you’ll see how much progress your making and that grown is there. You strive to be a better person and that’s exactly what you are achieving.

I know that sometimes we get anxious for our big breaks and all but we also need to understand that everything needs to happen at the right time not just because we feel like it is what is due to us, our efforts never go to waste and we will get where we want to see ourselves eventually.

Let’s continue embracing it and enjoy the benefits of positivism!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Your Approach...

Something I realized!!!
  • How you approach things in life is very important, especially if you’re not the only one affected in the situation. Sometimes we just see thing and just focus too much on how they could affect us individually without actually realizing that the next person might be much closer to the fire and are directly affected.
  • This is something I've had to learn the hard way because I tend to be very protective of myself and say things that make it clear to the listener but I also realized that It’s not always going to be about what I want or do not want in life and that while I'm busy trying to avoid something the next person mighty be going through or experiencing problem.
  • We learn from the mistakes that we make and they play a huge part of our growth and development as people, I want to be a better person, a better person than the person I was yesterday and I have definitely learnt something from this whole experience.

I too Embrace Positive Change, Lifetime goal!!

Friday, October 9, 2015


People are trapped in a little cage called fear, It is normal to have fears but it is abnormal to allow the very same fears to control you and to keep you from doing anything you want to do. Look, you are already exposed right now is either you give it everything you have to break free from your fears or you decide to stay there with no motion.

Remember that you have nothing left to lose, everything is there for you to win and fear is just an illusion, is not a barrier but it is there to drive, to motivate, to inspire and to help you unleash all the potential that is buried within you……

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caught In Between Feelings...

Life has actually been proper and balanced for me these past few weeks and I thought I found peace and serenity. I think the hardest thing I have ever had to experience is reaching a place in life where I'm  happy and restful but because of others or challenges, I get to see it disappear right before my eyes and be left feeling very stationary and dormant.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that give us joy or at least satisfy our emotional needs in one way or the other but all that disappears the moment you realize that it was just a Moment you were still caught up in. 
But how do you feel afterwards if it's something that you knew could happen?

With everything that's happening in my life I often find myself with the sense of being caught in between feeling, not knowing exactly how to feel about a situation or whether I should even be affected by it. 
I think that it's a result of experiencing a lot of pain and disappointment previously and now that I have taken a vow that I'm going to live out my life as positive as possible I try to avoid instances that leave me feeling down, and also the way I choose to be affected by my situations in life.

But there are things in life that you can never escape because its either you live with them or get to experience them everyday, with a consistent and unanimous feeling all the time and the inability to ever fully resolve or deal with them.

But anyway, I find freedom in writing and therefore by doing this I'm setting myself free from all these strongholds, and hope that my writing can help others also set themselves free from whatever is bothering them in life. 

We personally grow stronger everyday by choosing no to be put down by our situations in life.

Lets Continue Embracing Positive Change  

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Giving is a privilege, it doesn't matter who you are giving and its not even about how big or small you gave. The only thing that matters is that for a moment you were able to think of someone else rather than you.
Giving is a great thing you see when you put a smile on a person's face somehow it puts a smile on yours too.
Always remember that no one has ever become poor by

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dealing with Uncertainty

 Uncertainty is a part of our everyday lives because we do things all the time with the expectation of receiving positive outcomes even though we are not certain that we will get them. 
uncertainty usually brings fear and doubt, which will eventually lead to us loosing interest or thinking that we are unable to do whatever we seek to achieve. This is okay if it is a situation that might expose you to harm or lead to great loss.

Uncertainty should not limit your ability to demonstrate your true potential, or your personal growth in anyway. The thought of not getting what you expect should not inhibit you from going out and working towards achieving your goals and dreams. 

Like we have discussed before, Positivism is choosing to focus on the positive side of everything, believing in yourself and your strengths, and taking every negative experience as a lesson that will make you a better and stronger person tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Perseverance and Endurance

In my last post I mentioned that perseverance and endurance are characteristics that we should all have and use against every situation in life. Its not easy to stay strong and stick things out sometimes but trust me things can only get better, all we need to do is keep going at it and believe that eventually our efforts will pay-off.

Perseverance is your ability to continue working towards achieving your goal irrespective of the difficulty or time it takes before you get there. We all know that the harder you work, the further you will go in life and that great things are never achieved easily so do not get discouraged along the way because it will all be worth it at the end. 

Endurance is your ability to go through all those challenges and situations you encounter without giving up. The life of a person who’s always looking to do better is never easy and if you lack the ability to endure the stress or pressure it can often get overwhelming and drive you to a point where you feel like you cannot take it anymore.

We all have issues and problems that we have to face daily and in spite of them we are still managing very well in our lives, that is what makes us better and stronger people!Never underestimate yourself and remember that you wouldn’t be going through it if you did not have the ability to deal with it.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Your A Powerful and Capable Being!

I believe that we are very strong and capable beings, and that there is no boundary or challenge we cannot over come. We have a lot of potential and once it has been discovered and unleashed there's no stopping us. Once you believe and have faith in yourself,  that's when you'll realizing how grate you are and that no challenge in life is impossible to defeat.

Positive change in our lives is when we stand up and start taking charge of our own lives, making the right alterations to allow positive growth and personal development. It is when we realize our strengths and abilities and use them to get ahead in life, stepping out of our comfort zones and teaching ourselves endurance and resilience. Re-structuring our minds in a way that allows only positive thoughts to dominate in order to improve our ability to see light in the darkest of days, and keep ourselves motivated and focused on what is important.

Nothing is impossible if you believe, Those goals and dreams can be made real by your decision to trust and believe that everything you deal with in life is moving you one step closer to success. 

Perseverance and Endurance are great tools to use against your challenges in Life...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Your Purpose in Life

Living with purpose is life with direction, focus and determination. We all need to have a sense of purpose in life so that we are able to understand and know exactly what we are working towards and the kind of change we want to bring in our lives and those of others.
Once you have discovered your purpose, you always need to stay true to it because it's what is supposed to compel you to keep moving and a reminder of the meaning you want to create about your life. 

By now I'm sure we are all aware that before achieving something we have to first go through tests and trails, the road is never smooth and it gets overwhelming sometimes. 
But one thing I realized is that if you succeed and reach your destination, you value and appreciate it fully because you know what it took for you to find yourself there, so all those tests and trials are not all bad because they can also be seen as lessons to us.

You have a role to play, and a Purpose to fulfill. Never doubt your own existence and always believe that no challenge your dealing with is ever greater than you.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Dealing with Conflict...

Conflict is bound to arise from every relationship or interaction between human beings, it is mostly caused by our differences and the kind of perceptions we have of each other. Depending on the cause, conflicts can get out of control and completely end relations between people, filling their hearts with hatred and anger. With that being said It is very important that we all know how to respond to conflict, How to manage and properly deal with it.

One thing I have realized is that people see conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate how able and powerful they are, Showing how able they are to shatter another's spirit with word or resorting to violence through their physical strengths. Some think that backing out of a conflict and seeking peace is a sign of weakness and inability to deal with problems, they see it as a competition to show who's better that the other.

The only thing I care about when I'm in conflict with another person is "How are we going to resolve it". Using words like I do not care or anything that tries to justify the causes of the conflict do not mean anything to me, even if they are true. No matter what the cause is I'm always willing to sit down and talk about it, talking in a way that will take us to a better place where we will find peace and resolution.

Appreciate the people in your life, value the interactions and relationships you have with them because we can never make it alone in life. I'm not a social person myself but I do love interacting with others and just learning to share my space with them.

Let this be a part of our "Positive Growth"...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Nobody said life would be simple and nobody said it would be hard either, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying to take our unique approaches in life, yes sometimes most of us fall and don't feel like getting up again and yes sometimes it gets unimaginably hard that the only thing making sense is giving up.

People stop trying because they are afraid to lose or they feel like its only right if they do so, and some would say they are saving themselves the embarrassment or they are avoiding to be laughed at by their peers or neighbors.

 Okay I am not writing this to make you feel worse about what you didn't do but all i am saying is you are already exposed, is stooping really going to stop people from laughing at you or will it stop people from gossiping about you ? NO it wont, the only thing it will do is to leave you wondering how it would've been if you made it, it will only leave you with regrets. 

It is never too late to restart again just don't think about what might happen just focus on what you want to happen. Focus, chase what you want and be that change you want.

Monday, September 7, 2015

We are all Progressing in Life

One thing I've managed to maintain control over in my life is how to relate myself to others. Progress in life depends on our situations and circumstances so I learned never to compare myself and the progress I make to those of others because we do not share or go through the same challenges.

I often listen to others complaining about how cursed or unfortunate they are in life because their peers or the people in their lives have made it. Scrutinizing and filling themselves with all kinds of negative thoughts about how they are failing in life.

Progress to me is progress, it's magnitude does not matter. Remember that what makes you a great person in life is to take the little that you have available to you and make something great out of it. Life was never a competition because we are not given equal opportunities to live it, some are fortunate and some are not but where we come from does not have to define the kind of person we want to be in life.

Do not be your own limitation, believe and have faith in whatever you do in life because I believe that non of our efforts go and eventually they do pay off. The greatest mistake you can ever make is to give up on yourself because you made someone else a reference point.

There's nothing wrong in wanting to see yourself somewhere in life, but let that sever only as a source of motivation, focus and direction, not a constant reminder of failure!

Have a positive mind, Stay hopeful , have faith and always believe in yourself...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Is Happiness To You?

Happiness to me is freedom, when I'm free from pain, worry, stress, or any other factor in my life affecting me negatively that's when you'll find me genuinely happy.
Our definitions of happiness vary because we find peace and joy in different things, therefore it is important that we all understand what exactly makes us happy so that we can be able to capitalize on that and brighten our days continuously.

One source of happiness we should all have in common is helping others, I love seeing people happy, especially if I'm part of the reason why they are happy and being appreciated. I get a feeling of content and satisfaction which also just makes me the happiest guy alive.
Lets embrace positive change...

What is Happiness to you?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Consider Others

Sometimes the people in my life do things only thinking about themselves, usually because of how they are feeling at the  moment. What they do or say during this time often leaves me hurt or just feeling demoralized because if I care about a person I consider how they feel or how my actions are gonna affect them constantly and try to always express my self in a way that shows my true emotions about a situation while still making sense too.

I think our lives can be so much better if we all just teach ourselves to be considerate, to think about others before ourselves and not let our negative emotions grow conflict between us,
Because it is easy to speak words and do things but the kind of damage that can cause to whoever is involved sometimes cannot be fixed.

I often ask myself whether people are aware of they damage they are causing in peoples lives because its just sad, and some are aware of it but are not even doing anything.

I know that we are not perfect beings but we can try, It is our responsibility to bring positive change not only to our lives but to those of others too.
Live freely, happily and never forget those who care about you. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Recognize The Power Of Your Thoughts

Our thoughts have a direct impact on our daily lives, they have power and influence over everything we do or encounter everyday. It is wise to understand and realize just how much power and influence your thoughts have over your life in order to effectively manage them.

I came across a saying that goes as follows, "positive thoughts breed positive things in life and negative thoughts breed negativity in your life", its very simple but very true because I can personally relate to it and I'm sure i'm not the only one.

Negative thoughts often alter ones mined to see negativity in everything, you end up filtering life negatively and always expecting the worst in every situation, in fact sometimes you even create a negative situation in your mind to meet your own negative expectations about what is happening around you.

Because of all the negative things i got to experience growing up, I ended up being unable to see good in everything because I believed that it is better to always expect the worst so that when it actually happened the effects would not be as severe as that of an unexpected even. This took the joy out of everything I did because my mind was constantly packed with negative thoughts of bad things that could happen and looking back now I regret every moment I wasted doing that!

But things have changed now, I've managed to set myself free by realizing what my thoughts were doing to me and my life.

I always tell others that there is an infinite amount of benefits to thinking positively.Positive thoughts opens your eyes, heart and mind to things that you never thought existed, the joy, happiness, love, opportunities that you were unable experience because of having a binding mind.Positive thoughts allow you to see light even in your darkest days, they encourage you to keep going and experience the wonders of every good thing in your life.

Evaluate the thoughts that roam your mind, check if they are either building or destroying you because it is never too late to bring positive change and when things get difficult remember that nothing great is ever achieved easily and it will absolutely be worth it at the end!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Crying for help hoping that someone hears you but you go on for days in depression, putting on a fake smiley face every day whereas you are breaking down slowly. Going to bed hoping that tomorrow brings the good things, everything that have been kept deep inside have become too big to handle and they result in the death of hopes and dreams one has. Negativity creeps in like a serpent saying “nothing will be okay, there’s just no way out on this one”. Trying to find comfort but there is none.

Being afraid to sit alone and think because it always ends the same way, with tears, a broken heart and no solution. Trying to keep the tears inside because it is said that tears are for the weak and no man wants to be called weak. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Its Alright, I understand!

Its very difficult to bring personal change, especially positive change. Its hard, it takes time and is not simple to endure because most of the time you experience more challenges that benefits. 

I say its okay to have set backs, nothing can ever be perfect and your only human too so whenever it occurs don't be too quick to scrutinize yourself but look at what the cause might have been and just tell yourself that its is okay and see it more of a learning experience than anything else.

It has never been easy for me too, in fact yesterday night I was just overwhelmed by anger and negativism and only now am I realizing that such things will always be looking at ways of coming back to you but what makes you a person is your ability to deal with them more effectively than you could previously.

Nothing great is ever achieved easily, and the benefits of having a positive life are endless which makes the whole journey worth it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.
I might not know what you going through but if you got over it, you are the strongest human being ever and don't anything else hold you down.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Inspiration does exist just let it find you working…… I have learnt one thing in life, that everything begins with me, whether I do it or I decide not to do it I am the person who will suffer the consequences. We are the drivers of our future and it’s up to us whether to wake up in the morning and go to school\work or just sleep the whole day. You might be exposed to a lot of motivation but if it means nothing to you then it wont make any difference to you.

They say all the advice in the world won’t help until you help yourself. Indeed no one else can save you from you, you are the only one that can do everything you want and no can force you to do what you don’t want……….

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Current Situation

Ever felt alone with no one to talk to about the things troubling you? Life sometimes is frustrating and figuring it out is like rocket science. They say motivation is the key but sometimes it becomes so hard and heavy for me bear it. They say talking helps but I personally think it makes things worse, it opens up old wounds. What could be a better and harmless way to deal with the things troubling us because nowadays we are living our lives on a very fast lane, we are rushing but we don’t know where we are going?, The real question is doesn’t talking about the things troubling us really work ?   

They say we are our problems and deep down within us we have the solution to what is troubling us. When I heard this, I sat down and I tried hard to figure out what real is troubling me and what could possibly be the solution to it. I found out that I should just let things be and focus on the things that will build me not break me, when we meditate about our problems we tend to forget about the difference we make in other people lives and we only think about how useless we are…

My Gift To You

My gift is simple but it can make all the difference,
please take it and make it a part of your daily life because it is what we all deserve to experience.

Remember that it is a choice, not something you have to search for!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

We Are Prisoners Of Our Own Minds

The human mind is a very complex environment, and what goes on within that environment determines what we are going to experience externally in the physical world. Most of us believe that we are in charge of our minds, yet there often comes a time where you feel like your mind is out of reach because of the kind of thoughts that roam within it.

Negative thoughts are what affects us the most, having a pessimistic mind, looking for negativity in situations even before they occur. filtering things negatively through your mind often leaves one broken and unable to appreciate all the good things in their lives. This to me is a state of bondage, because I know that recovering from such a situation is not easy and it takes a lot of effort but it is absolutely worth it at the end!

There are unlimited benefits one can get from having a positive mind. Positivism open up doors in ones life, you get to experience the joy and happiness of life and usually the effects of negative situations are not as severe as those experienced by a pessimist.

ultimately it will always come down to us individually, we will have to evaluate ourselves and see whether our current mind sets are working for us because it depends who we are personally and what we want to see our selves become in life.

Do not be a prisoner of your own mind, it is never too late to bring positive change into your own life! if you realize that your loosing control over the kind of thoughts that go on in your mind then do something about it, you can choose to deal with alone with the aid of books or blogs such as mine or you can seek the help of others in your life and eventually you will regain control over your thoughts.

It said that "We are what we think", therefore if you have a positive mind set then positive things are bound to come your way.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How do you take rejection...

Rejection, it is one of the things that most people fear the most and its something that most of us go through in life. It can even make a person feel like they are at their lowest point of their lives, it depends how we as human beings take it, do we let it build us or do we let it destroy us. The greatest or richest people have gone through rejection and they didn't allow it to hold them down because rejection is the test how much you believe and how much confidence you have on yourself........

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The wrong Decision that is right for You!

I have noticed that most of the time we make decisions that are right , right in a sense that we predict their outcomes looking at how the people around us will be affected. this is a good thing because it shows that one cares and considers other people in what ever actions they take.

The problem starts when we start neglecting ourselves, how we feel, what we want to see happen and the satisfaction we intend to receive in return of whatever decisions we make. One thing I have noticed is that I have lost myself trying be the bigger person and just never complain about anything to maintain everyone's joy and happiness, During that time my joy and happiness was falling behind and by the time i started realizing what was happening it became a great challenge to balance out things in my life.

My point is that even though it might be seen as a good thing to considerate and caring, it is also important to consider and care about yourself because as much as the people in your life want to be happy, you deserve happiness too and you do not necessarily need to sacrifice yours for theirs.

Not everyone will agree with the decisions you make but know that it is worth it if it puts a smile on your face or makes you a happier person than you were yesterday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life right now

These past few days have been extremely difficult for me, especially mentally. My mind has not rested ever since I discovered that i have feelings for someone very close to me and it got to a point whereby I could not control my thoughts anymore.

 It is very difficult to fight something like a feeling or a thought because no matter how dismissive you are it just sits back and waits for another opportunity to strike again, which often leaves me in a bad mood or initiates the cycle of continuous uncontrolled thinking where I just become silent and just dwell in the thoughts.

I have been telling myself that the people in my life just do not understand but I realized that they actually do understand, they just do not know the depth and reality of what I am feeling or experiencing which is why I just cannot make sense of whatever they say to me.

Feeling and Emotions have been an area in my life where I often do not have full control over, and my way of avoiding chaos was to not express them unnecessarily. 

we all have expectations which often cloud our ability to see or realize that just because you feel a particular way about someone, it does not mean they will or at least be compelled to feel  that way about you too.

I guess sometimes we have to learn things the hard way, get hurt, spend sleepless nights, and even cry only to see later that people are only concerned when it is them going through or experiencing things and often expect you to sum up all your issues and deal with them as soon as possible so that they do not disturb their peace and joy.

if no one brings Solace into your life then it is your responsibility to see to it that you pull through, pain is a temporary sensation that one can overcome. I will just have to be a man of my own word and bring positive change in my world and regain control of my thoughts and mental peace.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Past Experiences

Our past experiences will always have some influence in us, especially the negative ones because they are not easily forgotten.

 I often think that the mistake we make when it comes to the past is to live like we are running away from it or trying to forcefully forget about it, because the more you run is the more it runs too and when you just try to forget about it, that's when the thoughts of the experience overwhelm you.

we cannot allow the past to form strongholds in our lives, because this often happens when we expect the past from the future. acknowledge your past, be at peace with it before you attempt to let it go and let the experience make you a better person.

We have been given tools to over come every problem we encounter, have faith, stay hopeful and believe in your own strengths. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

One more reason to be HAPPY today

  one of my coping techniques is to play music which allows me to just slow down and think, which is what i did in the morning after waking up. then about 30 minutes later the cleaning lady comes and does her usual tasks in our residence. during that time I'm sitting outside washing my shoes.

After finishing up, She walks up to me and asks if I'm the one playing music in one of the rooms, i said yes expecting her to complain about the volume. but what she said next just filled me with joy and gratitude.

She said, "Its the first time i hear such music play here, usually its music filled with chaos and cursing that i just don't understand. And there are probably others who also enjoy it but because of the pressure you exert on each other they assimilate to what ever is regarded as "popular". I'm actually happy to see that there's still hope among our chaotic youth."

She just made me appreciate my self and realize that sometimes fitting in is not something worth loosing yourself over. I've never been scared of being seen as different because its how i have been all my life and so far its working out for me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Your Own Hero

Some of my posts encourage increased human interaction but even that has its limitations,one mistake we usually make is to give too much of ourselves to the people in our lives only to realize that we do not even have an inch of them.

It hurts to discover that the support systems you thought you had are not as supportive as they should be, but one thing you should be grateful for is the advantage of knowing,
knowing that should things get hard, your all you have and that's what you need to make do with.

if you choose to believe in your own strengths and abilities they will never fail you because they are your weapons against anything you have to go through!

Friday, July 24, 2015

False Hope

There's nothing more painful and discouraging like discovering that you have been given false hope, realizing that all these wonderful thoughts you've been having are nothing but distant visions of a happier time and place that you are nowhere near reaching.

You know people often perceive me as cold or rude but I'm not either of those things, I just believe that sometimes you need to put yourself outside the reach of certain things in life so that you have fewer negative forces acting against you and your happiness.

I think that false hope is something that we all need to be aware of and adapt to because its something that we all encounter which often leaves us feeling down and disappointed.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Self Empowerment

I always say that in other for others to start believing in and support you, firstly you need to show them how capable and full of potential you are.
 most of the time the kind of image of yourself is exactly how people are going to perceive you so I say see yourself as the best there could ever be out there and watch yourself become the best!
inspired by positive truth

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Your Time Will Come

there comes a time in life where you have that one thing that you really love and want to have but no matter how much you try its just not happening.
today i found myself wondering why some people seem to be having everything working for them, what am i doing wrong? i really did not understand.

but then i realized that in life we are walking in different paths which lead to different destinations and the time we take to reach those destinations is determined by the situations we have to over come along the way.

never compare yourself to anyone because the foundations and directions of your lives can never be the same. embrace,love and respect yourself and never loose hope because your efforts are being noticed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Like trust i believe that the ability to influence should be earned because not everyone deserves to have influential power over our lives.

one thing i have notice is that once the wrong people discover that you easily influenced they will stop at nothing to get you off track, especially if they see that you have the potential to be something far greater  than they could ever be!!

Basis of Judgement

judgement has to be based on relevant true facts about a matter or situation, 
just because you have an opinion about something does not necessarily mean that your fit to judge other people because most of the time our assumptions about situations are completely wrong.

be judgmental about things you understand because with you it might be easy to come up with an idea and try to make it a reality while the person your trying to paint is busy going through realistic challenges.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Worth and Value of your life...

Often people say that you realize the worth and value of something after loosing it, let this not be the case with our lives.

Do not wait until you loose your life to realize it's worth and value, the meer fact that you're alive today should be a game changer. That alone should make you realize how blessed and fortunate you are.

Conduct an evaluation now, determine your value, worth and merit and use the results as a base for personal development.

Always believe that your worth the effort and do not allow anything to temper with that!!!

Negative situations

Negative situations are like thorns which often become a part of our lives if not dealt with properly, they are a constant reminder and often influence a lot of things in our lives.

One mistake we often make is to give too much attention to these situations, think about the continuously and give them power to affect us badly. Especially the ones we cannot change or deal with!

We can reverse that whole process by substituting every positive aspect of our life in the place of our negative situations, think about them and remind ourselves of the great feelings we felt going through them.

Yes it is not easy but it is definitely better to focus on things which make feel better or happier than those which cause self resentment and dissatisfaction.

With what ever situations I might have, I believe that it's better to invest time in trying to become the best person I could ever be, because we only get one chance at life and with the right choices once is enough!! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

What do you think of yourself......

Your body hears what your mind is saying either positive or negative. The actions you take are determined by what goes on in your mind, if you believe that you’re going to fail then you won’t put in more effort because you have already made up your mind. It doesn’t matter what your neighbor or what your friends think of you. They may say something good or bad about you but at the end of the day what matters is what you think of yourself……….

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Being optimistic about life is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, especially when things just don't seem to be getting better for you. whenever you think your done and finally experiencing some peace of mind, something else comes up and puts you at the edge again, a lot of us can relate to this.

but seeing life positively and making optimism a way of life, filtering situations optimistically and not letting negative situations fully beat you down is very beneficial and somehow will give you a head start in dealing with most of your problems.

nothing great is ever achieved easily, but if we all just hang in there and believe that our time is coming surely all our efforts will pay off. like i always say, "we have the greatest influence over our lives" and nothing should ever substitute that!

Monday, June 15, 2015

happiness never decreases by being shared

Happiness is in sharing what you have with others. The only thing and most vital is humility, thinking about yourself less and sharing the little you have with those who have nothing can make a huge difference in their lives and your life as a human being. You don't have to experience it to understand it, You don't have to be grateful that its not you who's going through  hard times but you have to stop it from happening to any human being. Its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Giving up is never a solution...

situations and circumstances sometimes will really beat you down and throw you out,
but what I suggest we do is to just stand right back up and get back in!

sometimes it is that simple...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

let it go

Thinking about the past won’t change the present,   
It will only bring forth regrets, pains and torture.

 If you want to begin to move you must clear Your mind of the baggage that’s holding you back.
Let go of all the bad emotional memories that suck the life out you.

The human frame wasn’t made to withstand such amount of sadness,

The past is the past, there is nothing you can do about it but you can do something about the present.

 The future lies in your hands, whether you chose to relive the past or you clear your heart, 

close Your eyes and let go of all the negative painful memories.


Appreciate the little things in life

there are those minor things happening around you everyday,
which give you nice little moments of joy.

but i think that just because they are minor or momentary,
we should perceive them that way.

why not amplify their value to us, give them that extra attention so that when ever life tries to get too real on you can think of them and let the thoughts calm you down.

think of the way you responded, whether it was with a smile or pleasant thought its going to bring a sense of positivity to your mind which will ease you down.

simple little techniques of getting the most out of the positive moments of your life


There are certain things in life that we just do not have any control over,
The only effective way to deal with such situations is to just accept them and move on.

Because it’s useless to blame yourself, to punish yourself, to live in sadness and sorrow because of a mistake or choice that had negative consequences.

It might not be easy but if you cannot do anything about then it’s not worth the pain,
Accept it, be at peace with it and just move on,
The value of your life cannot be revoked by a single thing.
Acceptance is a very powerful tool to use if you want to make it in this world!

Its Never Too Late To Make A Difference

There are a lot of things which go on in our lives,
It might be to us or the next person and positive or negative,
But somehow we are affected.

We are worried or disturbed by different things in life,
Some are worried by the environment in which they live in,
Some are disturbed by the children they pass everyday by the robots on their way to work,
Or anything else that might not be sitting well with you.

But there’s always something that can be done, a difference can be made no matter how great or little it is,
You can choose not to ignore those little problems which indirectly affect you,
And take the initiative of bringing change.