Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Embrace Your Individuality. ....

I spent half my life wanting to fit in, I did things only to be seen as a cool person and I went out of my way to get other people's approval. I did what I thought was right in the eyes of other people but to me it didn't feel right. 

Sometimes we are afraid to embrace who we are because we are afraid of the reaction we will from our friends, families and the community at large. We are striving to fit in whereas we have to stand out. 

One thing that I learnt is that if you don't embrace who you really are, you will be half the person you are supposed to be and this means you are limiting yourself. 

Don't let your other people's opinions about you drown your inner voice, one thing that is certain is that we are all unique, so just go out there and be yourself for there will never be anyone like you.... 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Step At A Time

Every step you take towards your success makes you a step closer to achieving it.  I have learnt that things don’t just happen but we are the ones who make things happen and the first rule of making things happen is that we should get out of our comfort zone and get out there and chase that one thing we really want. It might not happen overnight and it might not be as easy as it sounds but with endurance and determination it will happen. Look it doesn’t matter when it will happen what really matters is knowing that it will happen. When you have the assurance that something will happen you won’t be shaken by failure or hardships.

It only begins with one positive step at a time.