Monday, August 31, 2015

Recognize The Power Of Your Thoughts

Our thoughts have a direct impact on our daily lives, they have power and influence over everything we do or encounter everyday. It is wise to understand and realize just how much power and influence your thoughts have over your life in order to effectively manage them.

I came across a saying that goes as follows, "positive thoughts breed positive things in life and negative thoughts breed negativity in your life", its very simple but very true because I can personally relate to it and I'm sure i'm not the only one.

Negative thoughts often alter ones mined to see negativity in everything, you end up filtering life negatively and always expecting the worst in every situation, in fact sometimes you even create a negative situation in your mind to meet your own negative expectations about what is happening around you.

Because of all the negative things i got to experience growing up, I ended up being unable to see good in everything because I believed that it is better to always expect the worst so that when it actually happened the effects would not be as severe as that of an unexpected even. This took the joy out of everything I did because my mind was constantly packed with negative thoughts of bad things that could happen and looking back now I regret every moment I wasted doing that!

But things have changed now, I've managed to set myself free by realizing what my thoughts were doing to me and my life.

I always tell others that there is an infinite amount of benefits to thinking positively.Positive thoughts opens your eyes, heart and mind to things that you never thought existed, the joy, happiness, love, opportunities that you were unable experience because of having a binding mind.Positive thoughts allow you to see light even in your darkest days, they encourage you to keep going and experience the wonders of every good thing in your life.

Evaluate the thoughts that roam your mind, check if they are either building or destroying you because it is never too late to bring positive change and when things get difficult remember that nothing great is ever achieved easily and it will absolutely be worth it at the end!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Crying for help hoping that someone hears you but you go on for days in depression, putting on a fake smiley face every day whereas you are breaking down slowly. Going to bed hoping that tomorrow brings the good things, everything that have been kept deep inside have become too big to handle and they result in the death of hopes and dreams one has. Negativity creeps in like a serpent saying “nothing will be okay, there’s just no way out on this one”. Trying to find comfort but there is none.

Being afraid to sit alone and think because it always ends the same way, with tears, a broken heart and no solution. Trying to keep the tears inside because it is said that tears are for the weak and no man wants to be called weak. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Its Alright, I understand!

Its very difficult to bring personal change, especially positive change. Its hard, it takes time and is not simple to endure because most of the time you experience more challenges that benefits. 

I say its okay to have set backs, nothing can ever be perfect and your only human too so whenever it occurs don't be too quick to scrutinize yourself but look at what the cause might have been and just tell yourself that its is okay and see it more of a learning experience than anything else.

It has never been easy for me too, in fact yesterday night I was just overwhelmed by anger and negativism and only now am I realizing that such things will always be looking at ways of coming back to you but what makes you a person is your ability to deal with them more effectively than you could previously.

Nothing great is ever achieved easily, and the benefits of having a positive life are endless which makes the whole journey worth it.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.
I might not know what you going through but if you got over it, you are the strongest human being ever and don't anything else hold you down.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Inspiration does exist just let it find you working…… I have learnt one thing in life, that everything begins with me, whether I do it or I decide not to do it I am the person who will suffer the consequences. We are the drivers of our future and it’s up to us whether to wake up in the morning and go to school\work or just sleep the whole day. You might be exposed to a lot of motivation but if it means nothing to you then it wont make any difference to you.

They say all the advice in the world won’t help until you help yourself. Indeed no one else can save you from you, you are the only one that can do everything you want and no can force you to do what you don’t want……….

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Current Situation

Ever felt alone with no one to talk to about the things troubling you? Life sometimes is frustrating and figuring it out is like rocket science. They say motivation is the key but sometimes it becomes so hard and heavy for me bear it. They say talking helps but I personally think it makes things worse, it opens up old wounds. What could be a better and harmless way to deal with the things troubling us because nowadays we are living our lives on a very fast lane, we are rushing but we don’t know where we are going?, The real question is doesn’t talking about the things troubling us really work ?   

They say we are our problems and deep down within us we have the solution to what is troubling us. When I heard this, I sat down and I tried hard to figure out what real is troubling me and what could possibly be the solution to it. I found out that I should just let things be and focus on the things that will build me not break me, when we meditate about our problems we tend to forget about the difference we make in other people lives and we only think about how useless we are…

My Gift To You

My gift is simple but it can make all the difference,
please take it and make it a part of your daily life because it is what we all deserve to experience.

Remember that it is a choice, not something you have to search for!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

We Are Prisoners Of Our Own Minds

The human mind is a very complex environment, and what goes on within that environment determines what we are going to experience externally in the physical world. Most of us believe that we are in charge of our minds, yet there often comes a time where you feel like your mind is out of reach because of the kind of thoughts that roam within it.

Negative thoughts are what affects us the most, having a pessimistic mind, looking for negativity in situations even before they occur. filtering things negatively through your mind often leaves one broken and unable to appreciate all the good things in their lives. This to me is a state of bondage, because I know that recovering from such a situation is not easy and it takes a lot of effort but it is absolutely worth it at the end!

There are unlimited benefits one can get from having a positive mind. Positivism open up doors in ones life, you get to experience the joy and happiness of life and usually the effects of negative situations are not as severe as those experienced by a pessimist.

ultimately it will always come down to us individually, we will have to evaluate ourselves and see whether our current mind sets are working for us because it depends who we are personally and what we want to see our selves become in life.

Do not be a prisoner of your own mind, it is never too late to bring positive change into your own life! if you realize that your loosing control over the kind of thoughts that go on in your mind then do something about it, you can choose to deal with alone with the aid of books or blogs such as mine or you can seek the help of others in your life and eventually you will regain control over your thoughts.

It said that "We are what we think", therefore if you have a positive mind set then positive things are bound to come your way.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How do you take rejection...

Rejection, it is one of the things that most people fear the most and its something that most of us go through in life. It can even make a person feel like they are at their lowest point of their lives, it depends how we as human beings take it, do we let it build us or do we let it destroy us. The greatest or richest people have gone through rejection and they didn't allow it to hold them down because rejection is the test how much you believe and how much confidence you have on yourself........

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The wrong Decision that is right for You!

I have noticed that most of the time we make decisions that are right , right in a sense that we predict their outcomes looking at how the people around us will be affected. this is a good thing because it shows that one cares and considers other people in what ever actions they take.

The problem starts when we start neglecting ourselves, how we feel, what we want to see happen and the satisfaction we intend to receive in return of whatever decisions we make. One thing I have noticed is that I have lost myself trying be the bigger person and just never complain about anything to maintain everyone's joy and happiness, During that time my joy and happiness was falling behind and by the time i started realizing what was happening it became a great challenge to balance out things in my life.

My point is that even though it might be seen as a good thing to considerate and caring, it is also important to consider and care about yourself because as much as the people in your life want to be happy, you deserve happiness too and you do not necessarily need to sacrifice yours for theirs.

Not everyone will agree with the decisions you make but know that it is worth it if it puts a smile on your face or makes you a happier person than you were yesterday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life right now

These past few days have been extremely difficult for me, especially mentally. My mind has not rested ever since I discovered that i have feelings for someone very close to me and it got to a point whereby I could not control my thoughts anymore.

 It is very difficult to fight something like a feeling or a thought because no matter how dismissive you are it just sits back and waits for another opportunity to strike again, which often leaves me in a bad mood or initiates the cycle of continuous uncontrolled thinking where I just become silent and just dwell in the thoughts.

I have been telling myself that the people in my life just do not understand but I realized that they actually do understand, they just do not know the depth and reality of what I am feeling or experiencing which is why I just cannot make sense of whatever they say to me.

Feeling and Emotions have been an area in my life where I often do not have full control over, and my way of avoiding chaos was to not express them unnecessarily. 

we all have expectations which often cloud our ability to see or realize that just because you feel a particular way about someone, it does not mean they will or at least be compelled to feel  that way about you too.

I guess sometimes we have to learn things the hard way, get hurt, spend sleepless nights, and even cry only to see later that people are only concerned when it is them going through or experiencing things and often expect you to sum up all your issues and deal with them as soon as possible so that they do not disturb their peace and joy.

if no one brings Solace into your life then it is your responsibility to see to it that you pull through, pain is a temporary sensation that one can overcome. I will just have to be a man of my own word and bring positive change in my world and regain control of my thoughts and mental peace.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Past Experiences

Our past experiences will always have some influence in us, especially the negative ones because they are not easily forgotten.

 I often think that the mistake we make when it comes to the past is to live like we are running away from it or trying to forcefully forget about it, because the more you run is the more it runs too and when you just try to forget about it, that's when the thoughts of the experience overwhelm you.

we cannot allow the past to form strongholds in our lives, because this often happens when we expect the past from the future. acknowledge your past, be at peace with it before you attempt to let it go and let the experience make you a better person.

We have been given tools to over come every problem we encounter, have faith, stay hopeful and believe in your own strengths. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

One more reason to be HAPPY today

  one of my coping techniques is to play music which allows me to just slow down and think, which is what i did in the morning after waking up. then about 30 minutes later the cleaning lady comes and does her usual tasks in our residence. during that time I'm sitting outside washing my shoes.

After finishing up, She walks up to me and asks if I'm the one playing music in one of the rooms, i said yes expecting her to complain about the volume. but what she said next just filled me with joy and gratitude.

She said, "Its the first time i hear such music play here, usually its music filled with chaos and cursing that i just don't understand. And there are probably others who also enjoy it but because of the pressure you exert on each other they assimilate to what ever is regarded as "popular". I'm actually happy to see that there's still hope among our chaotic youth."

She just made me appreciate my self and realize that sometimes fitting in is not something worth loosing yourself over. I've never been scared of being seen as different because its how i have been all my life and so far its working out for me.