Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caught In Between Feelings...

Life has actually been proper and balanced for me these past few weeks and I thought I found peace and serenity. I think the hardest thing I have ever had to experience is reaching a place in life where I'm  happy and restful but because of others or challenges, I get to see it disappear right before my eyes and be left feeling very stationary and dormant.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that give us joy or at least satisfy our emotional needs in one way or the other but all that disappears the moment you realize that it was just a Moment you were still caught up in. 
But how do you feel afterwards if it's something that you knew could happen?

With everything that's happening in my life I often find myself with the sense of being caught in between feeling, not knowing exactly how to feel about a situation or whether I should even be affected by it. 
I think that it's a result of experiencing a lot of pain and disappointment previously and now that I have taken a vow that I'm going to live out my life as positive as possible I try to avoid instances that leave me feeling down, and also the way I choose to be affected by my situations in life.

But there are things in life that you can never escape because its either you live with them or get to experience them everyday, with a consistent and unanimous feeling all the time and the inability to ever fully resolve or deal with them.

But anyway, I find freedom in writing and therefore by doing this I'm setting myself free from all these strongholds, and hope that my writing can help others also set themselves free from whatever is bothering them in life. 

We personally grow stronger everyday by choosing no to be put down by our situations in life.

Lets Continue Embracing Positive Change  

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Giving is a privilege, it doesn't matter who you are giving and its not even about how big or small you gave. The only thing that matters is that for a moment you were able to think of someone else rather than you.
Giving is a great thing you see when you put a smile on a person's face somehow it puts a smile on yours too.
Always remember that no one has ever become poor by

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dealing with Uncertainty

 Uncertainty is a part of our everyday lives because we do things all the time with the expectation of receiving positive outcomes even though we are not certain that we will get them. 
uncertainty usually brings fear and doubt, which will eventually lead to us loosing interest or thinking that we are unable to do whatever we seek to achieve. This is okay if it is a situation that might expose you to harm or lead to great loss.

Uncertainty should not limit your ability to demonstrate your true potential, or your personal growth in anyway. The thought of not getting what you expect should not inhibit you from going out and working towards achieving your goals and dreams. 

Like we have discussed before, Positivism is choosing to focus on the positive side of everything, believing in yourself and your strengths, and taking every negative experience as a lesson that will make you a better and stronger person tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Perseverance and Endurance

In my last post I mentioned that perseverance and endurance are characteristics that we should all have and use against every situation in life. Its not easy to stay strong and stick things out sometimes but trust me things can only get better, all we need to do is keep going at it and believe that eventually our efforts will pay-off.

Perseverance is your ability to continue working towards achieving your goal irrespective of the difficulty or time it takes before you get there. We all know that the harder you work, the further you will go in life and that great things are never achieved easily so do not get discouraged along the way because it will all be worth it at the end. 

Endurance is your ability to go through all those challenges and situations you encounter without giving up. The life of a person who’s always looking to do better is never easy and if you lack the ability to endure the stress or pressure it can often get overwhelming and drive you to a point where you feel like you cannot take it anymore.

We all have issues and problems that we have to face daily and in spite of them we are still managing very well in our lives, that is what makes us better and stronger people!Never underestimate yourself and remember that you wouldn’t be going through it if you did not have the ability to deal with it.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Your A Powerful and Capable Being!

I believe that we are very strong and capable beings, and that there is no boundary or challenge we cannot over come. We have a lot of potential and once it has been discovered and unleashed there's no stopping us. Once you believe and have faith in yourself,  that's when you'll realizing how grate you are and that no challenge in life is impossible to defeat.

Positive change in our lives is when we stand up and start taking charge of our own lives, making the right alterations to allow positive growth and personal development. It is when we realize our strengths and abilities and use them to get ahead in life, stepping out of our comfort zones and teaching ourselves endurance and resilience. Re-structuring our minds in a way that allows only positive thoughts to dominate in order to improve our ability to see light in the darkest of days, and keep ourselves motivated and focused on what is important.

Nothing is impossible if you believe, Those goals and dreams can be made real by your decision to trust and believe that everything you deal with in life is moving you one step closer to success. 

Perseverance and Endurance are great tools to use against your challenges in Life...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Your Purpose in Life

Living with purpose is life with direction, focus and determination. We all need to have a sense of purpose in life so that we are able to understand and know exactly what we are working towards and the kind of change we want to bring in our lives and those of others.
Once you have discovered your purpose, you always need to stay true to it because it's what is supposed to compel you to keep moving and a reminder of the meaning you want to create about your life. 

By now I'm sure we are all aware that before achieving something we have to first go through tests and trails, the road is never smooth and it gets overwhelming sometimes. 
But one thing I realized is that if you succeed and reach your destination, you value and appreciate it fully because you know what it took for you to find yourself there, so all those tests and trials are not all bad because they can also be seen as lessons to us.

You have a role to play, and a Purpose to fulfill. Never doubt your own existence and always believe that no challenge your dealing with is ever greater than you.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Dealing with Conflict...

Conflict is bound to arise from every relationship or interaction between human beings, it is mostly caused by our differences and the kind of perceptions we have of each other. Depending on the cause, conflicts can get out of control and completely end relations between people, filling their hearts with hatred and anger. With that being said It is very important that we all know how to respond to conflict, How to manage and properly deal with it.

One thing I have realized is that people see conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate how able and powerful they are, Showing how able they are to shatter another's spirit with word or resorting to violence through their physical strengths. Some think that backing out of a conflict and seeking peace is a sign of weakness and inability to deal with problems, they see it as a competition to show who's better that the other.

The only thing I care about when I'm in conflict with another person is "How are we going to resolve it". Using words like I do not care or anything that tries to justify the causes of the conflict do not mean anything to me, even if they are true. No matter what the cause is I'm always willing to sit down and talk about it, talking in a way that will take us to a better place where we will find peace and resolution.

Appreciate the people in your life, value the interactions and relationships you have with them because we can never make it alone in life. I'm not a social person myself but I do love interacting with others and just learning to share my space with them.

Let this be a part of our "Positive Growth"...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Nobody said life would be simple and nobody said it would be hard either, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying to take our unique approaches in life, yes sometimes most of us fall and don't feel like getting up again and yes sometimes it gets unimaginably hard that the only thing making sense is giving up.

People stop trying because they are afraid to lose or they feel like its only right if they do so, and some would say they are saving themselves the embarrassment or they are avoiding to be laughed at by their peers or neighbors.

 Okay I am not writing this to make you feel worse about what you didn't do but all i am saying is you are already exposed, is stooping really going to stop people from laughing at you or will it stop people from gossiping about you ? NO it wont, the only thing it will do is to leave you wondering how it would've been if you made it, it will only leave you with regrets. 

It is never too late to restart again just don't think about what might happen just focus on what you want to happen. Focus, chase what you want and be that change you want.

Monday, September 7, 2015

We are all Progressing in Life

One thing I've managed to maintain control over in my life is how to relate myself to others. Progress in life depends on our situations and circumstances so I learned never to compare myself and the progress I make to those of others because we do not share or go through the same challenges.

I often listen to others complaining about how cursed or unfortunate they are in life because their peers or the people in their lives have made it. Scrutinizing and filling themselves with all kinds of negative thoughts about how they are failing in life.

Progress to me is progress, it's magnitude does not matter. Remember that what makes you a great person in life is to take the little that you have available to you and make something great out of it. Life was never a competition because we are not given equal opportunities to live it, some are fortunate and some are not but where we come from does not have to define the kind of person we want to be in life.

Do not be your own limitation, believe and have faith in whatever you do in life because I believe that non of our efforts go and eventually they do pay off. The greatest mistake you can ever make is to give up on yourself because you made someone else a reference point.

There's nothing wrong in wanting to see yourself somewhere in life, but let that sever only as a source of motivation, focus and direction, not a constant reminder of failure!

Have a positive mind, Stay hopeful , have faith and always believe in yourself...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Is Happiness To You?

Happiness to me is freedom, when I'm free from pain, worry, stress, or any other factor in my life affecting me negatively that's when you'll find me genuinely happy.
Our definitions of happiness vary because we find peace and joy in different things, therefore it is important that we all understand what exactly makes us happy so that we can be able to capitalize on that and brighten our days continuously.

One source of happiness we should all have in common is helping others, I love seeing people happy, especially if I'm part of the reason why they are happy and being appreciated. I get a feeling of content and satisfaction which also just makes me the happiest guy alive.
Lets embrace positive change...

What is Happiness to you?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Consider Others

Sometimes the people in my life do things only thinking about themselves, usually because of how they are feeling at the  moment. What they do or say during this time often leaves me hurt or just feeling demoralized because if I care about a person I consider how they feel or how my actions are gonna affect them constantly and try to always express my self in a way that shows my true emotions about a situation while still making sense too.

I think our lives can be so much better if we all just teach ourselves to be considerate, to think about others before ourselves and not let our negative emotions grow conflict between us,
Because it is easy to speak words and do things but the kind of damage that can cause to whoever is involved sometimes cannot be fixed.

I often ask myself whether people are aware of they damage they are causing in peoples lives because its just sad, and some are aware of it but are not even doing anything.

I know that we are not perfect beings but we can try, It is our responsibility to bring positive change not only to our lives but to those of others too.
Live freely, happily and never forget those who care about you.