Sunday, June 21, 2015

Negative situations

Negative situations are like thorns which often become a part of our lives if not dealt with properly, they are a constant reminder and often influence a lot of things in our lives.

One mistake we often make is to give too much attention to these situations, think about the continuously and give them power to affect us badly. Especially the ones we cannot change or deal with!

We can reverse that whole process by substituting every positive aspect of our life in the place of our negative situations, think about them and remind ourselves of the great feelings we felt going through them.

Yes it is not easy but it is definitely better to focus on things which make feel better or happier than those which cause self resentment and dissatisfaction.

With what ever situations I might have, I believe that it's better to invest time in trying to become the best person I could ever be, because we only get one chance at life and with the right choices once is enough!! 

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