Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Reality of Life

First Post for this year, hope it brings some light and comfort to you and wish you all the best in all that you do!!!

Life is a continuous cycle of different events and experiences, in life we have good, bad, happy, fast and slow times. Life to me is time, as it is used to measure life.

The reality of your life will stay with you because it is who you are and will stay with you for the given time you have In this world. Sometimes it is not what we want or expect from life at the time but remember that it is those imperfections that derive our true selves and what we are capable of.

I know a lot of people who are always Living outside the reality of their lives, and yes maybe it's working for them and gives them a sense of freedom in some way but what I have realized is that some things are like our shadows, no matter how far or fast you move they are always there by your side.

There are things that are within your reach, things you can do something about and maybe change them for the better in your life and there are those that are rigid, inflexible and out of reach but are part of your everyday life.

The only way of dealing with such things is through recognition and acceptance. Recognize the reality of your life, see how it's affecting you(which can either be negative/positive/both) identity those that you can change or do something about and just accept the ones you can't change and just try seeking ways of making them work for/with you in order to make you a better person.

Embrace Positive Change!!

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