Saturday, February 20, 2016

If you Don't like the road your on now, why not start paving a new one?

Have you ever felt like your life has turned into a cycle of continuous similar events? do you feel like you can predict the outcome of each and every situation you find yourself in?our lives are not meant to feel like a system and should never follow a particular pattern. If the road your on keeps taking you to the same destination over and over again then its not for you anymore, you need to get off it!

Sometimes we refuse to give up our old ways because we feel like we've made progress and starting form the begging would just be a waste of invested time, but you should never be afraid to break a chain of things that don't work for you anymore in order to see the positive change that you seek in your life.. Change is difficult for everyone, but it is necessary if we want to see development.

Before I started studying industrial psychology I was in a different institution, doing a different course and after only 6 months I realized that the road I was on was not taking me to the destination I wanted to see myself at in the future so I decided to quit. That came with a few consequences though, I had to pay for those months I attended, Had to go and stay home for another 6 months because there was nothing i could do at that time and It was difficult. I was depressed for sometime but eventually I came out of it and started doing some community work just to move time.

I am still thanking myself for making that drastic decision that didn't make sense to a lot of people , where everyone thought I had failed and was unable to do anything productive with my life. I paved a new road for myself, a road that allows me to shine and be the person that \I want to be, a road that takes me wherever I want to go and for that I am very grateful.

Now its your turn, what are you going to do? for the greater good of yourself! Believe in yourself and have faith in every decision that you make because only you understands the true desires of your heart. Yes you will feel judged or defeated but remember that all those things are temporary and that only you can define yourself!

Life has never been easy on us, I started this blog with a purpose to share my experiences in a way that will uplift, inspire and motivate all those that are feeling down because I know how it feels like. Together we will Embrace positive change and prosper in life. 


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