Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You were Chosen, Not the other way Around!

 These past few months have made me realize that trying to fight or even run away from the true reality of you life is just a futile efforts, because every solution is mostly temporary and it all comes down to your waking up to the same reality the next day. 

I had a conversation with my aunt the other day and she said something that made sense of everything that seems to be happening in our individual lives, she said "had I not suffered so much in my past, my future would have never been this bright". After hearing this i suddenly felt like things are not as bad as I thought they are because like her, I too get to face various challenges that sometimes get too overwhelming and its just feels like the more I try to free myself, the more tangled things become.

But the lesson here was that even though things are not as you would like them to be now, know and realize that all the hardships and challenges are building you for something greater ahead of you, something you might not even know yet. I always tell myself to appreciate all the lessons and experiences I gain from all my struggles and everything I go through because it is a part of my growth and with that growth comes actualization. 

In order to know your true potential you have to be pushed, and the truth is that in life we are pushed by circumstances and problems, which means that instead of always assuming negativity from every situation we can assume light and actually push through with the knowledge that this is just preparation. 

Nothing can break a positive spirit about life and all that comes with it, and the stronger you become as a person, the stronger your challenges become and for as long as that is happening it means you are not there yet. Refuse with your faith and hope as these two things are what carries us through our darkest days, love and appreciate yourself and all the efforts your making to better your life because that is proof of how capable and extraordinary you are.

Progress is important and no matter how significant it is, know that it will still remain progress at the end of the day. Do not look over to the next person and what they are doing, only do so to learn or better yourself but even with that always stay true to yourself and relieve yourself of unnecessary pressure because you know your life and where you want it to go. If there's somethings or someone who fails to see your intentions and efforts, cut it and take care of your own interests because that would be a clear indication that they are not taken care of!

If we could choose the lives we want to live, no one would be struggling but we can't because it is through struggles where greatness is realized and with that being said, know that you were chosen for a reason to go through all that your dealing with, so that you can make it and become living proof to all those that follow you, proof that its possible through resilience and endurance!

We are all going to make IT, We just have to Believe!!

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  1. This is so flippen profound i love it...words to live by.