Sunday, August 6, 2017

You can’t be a King/Queen with an emotional tolerance of a baby!

My title to me explains a lot and changes how I view and react to things that are somewhat unpleasant. The reality is that we are all dealing with different situations and circumstances, all I can do is tell my story in the hopes that it will make a difference somewhere in somebody’s life. A lot of my previous posts were about acceptance and personal development, things that I am always looking to reinforce and adopt as part of my life. 
In the past few months, I have realized that the more I become better at what I do, stronger and more accepting of situations around me, things do not necessarily get better and it gets frustrating at some point. At first, I would try to fight it and worry about how things are not getting better, ask questions like “why is this happening to me?” and have all kinds of pessimistic thoughts about my future until I finally figured it out.
“you can never be great if you are not willing to go through it, and view survival/success as the only options you have!”. This took me back to emotional intelligence and how we sometimes let our emotions rule us and how we view the world. Your problems don’t stay behind as you grow, they come along and grow with you, you can fight it all you want but that’s just how it is. Some problems you out grow but the space will always be filled up by something else and you need to stay ready and know that it’s to be expected. It’s also part of acceptance!
The best you could do is create an ideal situation for yourself and dedicate yourself to it, that’s what I do. I visualize my future and how I want it to be and dedicate myself to reaching that point in life, by doing this I can also consider the possible hurdles I could encounter, and think about possible ways of overcoming them even before they happen. It’s more like a preparation thing where I orientate myself to the future I would like to have, while also acknowledging that nothing is ever easy and I will have to go through situations/circumstances before I get there, and even when I get there they’ll still be something I am dealing with so it’s not even about trying to escape from anything.

My final word to anyone reading this is that “realize your potential, and know that not everything has to disturb you and your focus in achieving all that you want. You are a King/Queen and you have the power to change your life!”.

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