Thursday, May 17, 2018

We are all here to serve one another

We are all here to serve one another
At first when I heard the above statement the only thing I could think of was slavery, I was offended by the remarks, it just didn’t sound nor feel right for a human being to say such statements. I gave it too much thought though because I really wanted to understand the context of it, even now as write this I am not sure if I got to the very roots of the statement but at least it makes to me sense.

We are all born to serve one another, be it our needs or empowering each other. I like to think of it as giving back, in my country South Africa we call it “Ubuntu” which means humanity. It is more like person is built by people, serving each other is a way of life, I don’t necessarily mean we have to literally clean, cook or work for each other but to just build each other with words of encouragement or by helping the needy and everything that brings out the greatness of people for the people.

I for one believe that we are capable of serving or helping each other, I have seen this happen during natural disasters and it doesn’t have to take a hurricane, earthquake or any other disaster for human beings to be a human but it has to be a way of life….. 

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