Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm Blessed because of all the Pain I have been through!

I have been put down in life, by my family, friends and my circumstances and the sad part is that it always seemed like the things I turn to for hope are the ones that got to me the most. thinking about the number of times I've thought of quitting alone shows me that I've been through a lot, how those experiences used to make me sit there in my little corner and wonder why I have to be the one dealing with all this negativity in life because just like everyone all all I wanted is to be happy and not have to worry about everything all the time.

It got to a point where I accepted pain in my life, Pain was the only thing I knew and for me it wasn't temporary like they always say. it became a part of my everyday life, it was what I constantly expected from people and I did not believe in genuine happiness because for me everything always seemed to have the same ending. I was young and needed something to hang onto and Pain was there for me and that was how I lived my life for a very long time, I used it to define my situations and fuel things such as contemplating suicide because with pain it all made sense to me and I did not believe that there could be another way around my situation.

but there was and the only way I realized that was through the inability to give up on myself, some part of me always believed in a better place somewhere beyond the life I lived back then. I knew that I was not going to remain young and little forever and that some day I will reach that door and be set free so that I too can be able to experience genuine Joy in spite of everything else. And for me that is the blessing I received from pain.

I was tested and trialed over the years through pain but I never broke, A blessing of being able to endure, having hope even when all lights were off, believing in yourself even when everybody was looking away, of being your very own little power house and always doing what you can to survive because some part of you always believed in the greater purpose of being in this world. I am blessed for being able to deal with pain without letting it consume and defeat me because indeed it is temporary and you have the power to control how it affects you.

I do not know what your dealing with right now or what you've been through but what I know is that every negative situation is a blessing in disguise, and even though it might not be feeling that way right now but if you choose perseverance and resilience there will come a time where you get to celebrate because of all the hardships you've dealt with. 


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