Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life's hardships shouldn't steal your happiness

How do you process disappointment ??, you may be disappointed in yourself, your parents, your friend or even your favourite team. Do you respond with anger or do you resort to violent acts (vandalism)?.
How many times have you responded with positive attitude towards negative situations ?. How positive are you when you are facing with negative situation ?.
Has the the level of your positivity been taken to the test and how did you feel after that ?.
I myself have been in a number of negative situations and some I was able to make it through with positive attitude but some I found myself doubting if I would make it through, I even thought of giving up but still I pressed on, it was that time when I realised my weaknesses.
You know you can be positive by just thinking or talking about how you plan on doing something and become less positive when you start doing what you planned ?.
What you need is a daily routine were you teach yourself how to be positive.
But first you must be confident and be happy, don't let material things determine your happiness.

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