Sunday, August 28, 2016

Master your thoughts

Thoughts play a huge role on how we perceive our reality, they are the building blocks of how we react or deal with situations or circumstances in our lives. Thoughts have great power and influence on our lives and that becomes evident the moment you start walking down the negativity road, when things are good our minds automatically get filled with positivism and life just goes by without us even realizing it, but the real power of thought becomes visible when things go south, when life darkens and you just don't understand how to even begin comprehending your situation, that's when you will experience or realize the effects of thoughts.

Honestly the past few days have been draining for me, I've had to deal with loss, my grandmother being sick, my little sister and her pregnancy, worry about my grandfather and hold down my academics too which is really overwhelming at this point. Toady I woke up down really, with a pessimistic mind set but like wise I just ignored it and got things done, but right now I'm realizing that the reason I woke up feeling that way is because of my thoughts, I allowed my thinking to get out of control to a point where I'm constantly thinking about everything negative in my life, It happens automatically when I slow down and just try to relax, which now becoming a problem because its depriving me of rest and peace. Its like I'm stressed but cannot even identify whats stressing me.

I then went through my posts and I realized that I have written about this condition before and in order for me to break the cycle of negativity I need to change the way I think about all the things happening in my life, because as much as I would like to protect my self or see things well, most of the things I worry about are beyond me and there's really nothing I can do about them. I need to just acknowledge that things are not fully Okay right now but I'm okay, I'm still living and because of that there's still hope. I just have to stop drowning myself in negative though and take charge of my own mind and teach myself my own principles of positivism, I have done it before and I have come too far along to allow temporary emotions and circumstances take me 10 steps back.

Its understandable that at some point we all get overwhelmed and just want to give up but the though of giving up on myself has never excited me at all and its something I will never be prepared to do. I have a vision and goals I would like to see myself live out and that is exactly what i should allow my mind to constantly think about, things that productively contribute to my personal growth and well being. Its never easy but its absolutely worth it and from now on I'll be working to regain control of the thoughts that lurk in my mind.

Master Your Thoughts because the kind of thoughts you allow to dominate in your mind determine the life you live in reality.

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