Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pain Changes People...

Pain is something that we all experience in life, the severity and duration of its effects differs with situations but it’s still pain experienced none the less. A lot of us are born kind but because of the things we experience and the pain we have to deal with, we often find ourselves lost in dark areas in our lives caused by anger, resentment and negativism!

I understand exactly how pain can change an individual because I believe that it is something that I have had to go through myself. There are a lot of things that have caused a lot of pain in my life and for some time I was very bitter and dissatisfied with everything in my life, I even reached a point where I saw no reason for me to continue living because I felt like my life was some kind of repetitive cycle of disappointment and pain and I was just prepared to give up.

But I managed to break free and accept the blessing that were due to me, in fact looking back right now I feel like what I was going through was a test that I managed to pass. I’m very proud of the person I am and who I have become because I understand exactly what it took to take myself this far. I believe that God has always been on my side even when I felt like the whole world was against me, family and new found friends always encourage me to do better in life and I am very grateful for that!

In whatever way pain has changed you I believe that you can also find solace and just find balance and peace in your life, it might not be easy but it’s possible!, If it’s going to change your life for the better then it’s absolutely worth the trouble.

One mistake I made is to reach a point where I have given up on myself and it is something that nobody should get to experience because how we feel and view ourselves should not be influenced in any way by the negative things we experience in life, that’s how I see things now!

This is something to really think about and at the end I trust that Positivism will be a part of each and every person’s life, lets continue Embracing Positive Change.

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