Friday, October 23, 2015

The Past

Today I had something like a flash back of a past experience that really made me understand the outcome of something right now, which really intrigued me for some time.

After that I realized that we are always talking about how we want to forget the past and just move on, yet sometimes the past is exactly what we need to make us understand the things we encounter while moving through life.

I do believe that we should not dwell in past events especially those that were negative, but look at the past as a tool or experience you need to get ahead in life. Its gives you necessary insight about situations and minimize the chances of having to re-live the experience again so I say let’s not run away from our past but rather let it flout alongside us for our own convenience without affecting us in anyway.

Our past’s give us experience, and we need experience for almost everything in life so let’s embrace it and grow ourselves personally through perseverance and endurance!! 

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