Saturday, May 21, 2016

Be someone else's Miracle

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you find yourself just lying there and thinking about how you cannot keep up anymore? , this is something that many of us experience at some point and when it happens we often find ourselves deep within our feeling because we’ve run out of the ability to deal with our situations/circumstances, and feel like only a miracle can save us at that point.

One thing I’ve learnt from this kind of experience is that when you reach that point, where you feel like everything is falling apart and you need miracle to save you, that’s when you need to look to others and see how they are doing in life. Sometimes in order to discover that missing puzzle in your life you need to go out and help someone else solve their puzzle. Yes you might argue that when your busy helping another person your own things will be held back and no progress will be made, but what I’m saying is that be a miracle in somebody else’s life in order to put yourself in a position to receive a miracle yourself.

That selfless act, that occurs out of genuine emotion will help align your thing too, it will help give you direction and new experience that will be able to help you deal with your own troubles. Sometimes we get consumed by our problems and oriented our lives around them, which is not good because it means your living for your problems instead of solving them. Being a miracle yourself will give you much needed positive energy especially if your overwhelmed with the negativity in your life, it will allow you to see things differently an realize that even with those problems there’s still more to life and that no problem is indestructible.

And sometimes the very same person you helped will be the miracle you’ve been waiting for, they will help you achieve you goals through whatever effort needed and everyone will be able to regain the peace/joy/happiness they deserve.
Remember that you are never alone and there are a lot ways you can try out to change your situation/circumstances,  fulfillment does not only come from being able to succeed on your own and making it, sometimes being that helping hand can open doors in your life that you never knew existed.

Also remember that being someone else’s miracle puts you in a position to receive miracles yourself, so this is your time now!.

Let’s continue to Embrace Positive Change

by K.C Molefe

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  1. The reality is that certain things which belongs to us are locked up in someone else life so the only way we can experience or receive it's when we became a miracle to someone. Thanks K.C very inspiring and vivifying