Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where there is life Hope still exists!!!

Where there’s still life there’s still hope and it should not be ignored, irrespective of its magnitude.

For me Hope and God go hand in hand,

Hope has to do with my thoughts and emotions, maintain a positive mental state at all times usually gives an individual the ability to view the world and its problems differently. Instead of dwelling in the negativity of a situation one can choose to focus on what they have learned and how the whole situation has contributed to their personal growth. Yes sometimes it gets difficult sometimes but a positive mind gives you a good start to everything.

Emotions are more complex and can easily overwhelm one if not taken care of, emotional stability does not mean that one should lose their ability to be sympathetic or not be able to get hurt by anything. I believe that there is nothing wrong with one expressing their true emotions but it should not be something that is prolonged and done in the absence of someone who can help you battle the emotional pain. A positive mind usually helps with calming one down and returning to a much happier emotional state.

In order for God to take effect on your life you have to believe, believe in His power, love, support and ability to be with us through happy and rough times. Establish a relationship with your God, love Him and you shall be blessed…

I once read that “Hope is what gives you the ability to carry your problems without breaking”, which I have adopted ever since.

Never give up on yourself or a loved one because there is Hope.

share your opinion or experience, it might change some one's life!

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