Monday, May 25, 2015

Positive Emotional Development

I view feelings and emotions as things that just occur and some are even beyond our control. They can be seen as a response to something you like or dislike, and I think they are also linked with our personalities.

Our feelings and emotions play a vital role in our personal growth, how we feel about something is determined by how we view that particular thing and our behaviour will also change towards it.

So to be able to maintain a positive emotional state we have to first start by changing how we perceive things in life and how we choose to evaluate a situation.

You can write down a list of things you do not like and next to each dislike write down why it is that way.

After doing so find an alternative way of looking at the issue, isn’t there anything that you benefit from it or any other way of embracing it rather than allowing it to temper with your emotions each time you encounter it, surely there has to be a way.

From there then purposefully expose yourself to the issue and find out if your new found solution is effective, if it’s not, do not give up but rather go back to the drawing board and find another way.

We can effectively develop all aspects of our lives, in order to live more positively!

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