Sunday, May 24, 2015

I never got a chance to say goodbye

I’m one person who truly believes that everything that happens in our lives is part of Gods plan for us, no matter how bad the situation is. Yes it gets difficult sometimes and belief does not seem enough to help us pull through but we just have to keep strong and always have faith.

In 2009 my mom passed away and I have made peace with the whole thing but it happened so quickly and I was really young at the time, at that age I didn’t think of my mother dying any time soon even when I could see that she’s really sick.

The thing with me right now is that I feel like I never said goodbye to her, it’s something I haven’t really come to terms with. I sometimes wish that I could go back and just talk to her one more time, just hear her tell me that she loves me for the last time, one last hug and just part ways with her properly.  

It’s not affecting negatively but it will always be that thing that I never got a chance to do…

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