Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Know Your Limits…

We all want to achieve things in life; we want to see ourselves progressing in our lives. 

This is a great thing and should be found in every one of us because before you can ever go anywhere you first need to have a vision of your destination in order to stay focused and never lose hope.

But before we can ever actually do anything of ourselves we first need to know and understand our limits, because they are what determine how much effort we will be able to put in and how long it will take before we actually achieve what we set out to do.

Never pressurise yourself by comparing yourself to others around you, we do not have the same abilities or endure things the same way.

What might be a very difficult task to you may be a walk in the park for the next person so only view another’s progress in a way which will inspire you and encourage you to keep going no matter what. 

You don’t have to bend yourself until you break, explore your abilities once in a while but know that even if you work well within your limits you’ll still make it because no effort goes to waste.

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