Monday, August 31, 2015

Recognize The Power Of Your Thoughts

Our thoughts have a direct impact on our daily lives, they have power and influence over everything we do or encounter everyday. It is wise to understand and realize just how much power and influence your thoughts have over your life in order to effectively manage them.

I came across a saying that goes as follows, "positive thoughts breed positive things in life and negative thoughts breed negativity in your life", its very simple but very true because I can personally relate to it and I'm sure i'm not the only one.

Negative thoughts often alter ones mined to see negativity in everything, you end up filtering life negatively and always expecting the worst in every situation, in fact sometimes you even create a negative situation in your mind to meet your own negative expectations about what is happening around you.

Because of all the negative things i got to experience growing up, I ended up being unable to see good in everything because I believed that it is better to always expect the worst so that when it actually happened the effects would not be as severe as that of an unexpected even. This took the joy out of everything I did because my mind was constantly packed with negative thoughts of bad things that could happen and looking back now I regret every moment I wasted doing that!

But things have changed now, I've managed to set myself free by realizing what my thoughts were doing to me and my life.

I always tell others that there is an infinite amount of benefits to thinking positively.Positive thoughts opens your eyes, heart and mind to things that you never thought existed, the joy, happiness, love, opportunities that you were unable experience because of having a binding mind.Positive thoughts allow you to see light even in your darkest days, they encourage you to keep going and experience the wonders of every good thing in your life.

Evaluate the thoughts that roam your mind, check if they are either building or destroying you because it is never too late to bring positive change and when things get difficult remember that nothing great is ever achieved easily and it will absolutely be worth it at the end!!

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