Saturday, August 22, 2015

We Are Prisoners Of Our Own Minds

The human mind is a very complex environment, and what goes on within that environment determines what we are going to experience externally in the physical world. Most of us believe that we are in charge of our minds, yet there often comes a time where you feel like your mind is out of reach because of the kind of thoughts that roam within it.

Negative thoughts are what affects us the most, having a pessimistic mind, looking for negativity in situations even before they occur. filtering things negatively through your mind often leaves one broken and unable to appreciate all the good things in their lives. This to me is a state of bondage, because I know that recovering from such a situation is not easy and it takes a lot of effort but it is absolutely worth it at the end!

There are unlimited benefits one can get from having a positive mind. Positivism open up doors in ones life, you get to experience the joy and happiness of life and usually the effects of negative situations are not as severe as those experienced by a pessimist.

ultimately it will always come down to us individually, we will have to evaluate ourselves and see whether our current mind sets are working for us because it depends who we are personally and what we want to see our selves become in life.

Do not be a prisoner of your own mind, it is never too late to bring positive change into your own life! if you realize that your loosing control over the kind of thoughts that go on in your mind then do something about it, you can choose to deal with alone with the aid of books or blogs such as mine or you can seek the help of others in your life and eventually you will regain control over your thoughts.

It said that "We are what we think", therefore if you have a positive mind set then positive things are bound to come your way.

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