Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The wrong Decision that is right for You!

I have noticed that most of the time we make decisions that are right , right in a sense that we predict their outcomes looking at how the people around us will be affected. this is a good thing because it shows that one cares and considers other people in what ever actions they take.

The problem starts when we start neglecting ourselves, how we feel, what we want to see happen and the satisfaction we intend to receive in return of whatever decisions we make. One thing I have noticed is that I have lost myself trying be the bigger person and just never complain about anything to maintain everyone's joy and happiness, During that time my joy and happiness was falling behind and by the time i started realizing what was happening it became a great challenge to balance out things in my life.

My point is that even though it might be seen as a good thing to considerate and caring, it is also important to consider and care about yourself because as much as the people in your life want to be happy, you deserve happiness too and you do not necessarily need to sacrifice yours for theirs.

Not everyone will agree with the decisions you make but know that it is worth it if it puts a smile on your face or makes you a happier person than you were yesterday!

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