Thursday, August 6, 2015

One more reason to be HAPPY today

  one of my coping techniques is to play music which allows me to just slow down and think, which is what i did in the morning after waking up. then about 30 minutes later the cleaning lady comes and does her usual tasks in our residence. during that time I'm sitting outside washing my shoes.

After finishing up, She walks up to me and asks if I'm the one playing music in one of the rooms, i said yes expecting her to complain about the volume. but what she said next just filled me with joy and gratitude.

She said, "Its the first time i hear such music play here, usually its music filled with chaos and cursing that i just don't understand. And there are probably others who also enjoy it but because of the pressure you exert on each other they assimilate to what ever is regarded as "popular". I'm actually happy to see that there's still hope among our chaotic youth."

She just made me appreciate my self and realize that sometimes fitting in is not something worth loosing yourself over. I've never been scared of being seen as different because its how i have been all my life and so far its working out for me.

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