Sunday, August 23, 2015

Current Situation

Ever felt alone with no one to talk to about the things troubling you? Life sometimes is frustrating and figuring it out is like rocket science. They say motivation is the key but sometimes it becomes so hard and heavy for me bear it. They say talking helps but I personally think it makes things worse, it opens up old wounds. What could be a better and harmless way to deal with the things troubling us because nowadays we are living our lives on a very fast lane, we are rushing but we don’t know where we are going?, The real question is doesn’t talking about the things troubling us really work ?   

They say we are our problems and deep down within us we have the solution to what is troubling us. When I heard this, I sat down and I tried hard to figure out what real is troubling me and what could possibly be the solution to it. I found out that I should just let things be and focus on the things that will build me not break me, when we meditate about our problems we tend to forget about the difference we make in other people lives and we only think about how useless we are…

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