Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Consider Others

Sometimes the people in my life do things only thinking about themselves, usually because of how they are feeling at the  moment. What they do or say during this time often leaves me hurt or just feeling demoralized because if I care about a person I consider how they feel or how my actions are gonna affect them constantly and try to always express my self in a way that shows my true emotions about a situation while still making sense too.

I think our lives can be so much better if we all just teach ourselves to be considerate, to think about others before ourselves and not let our negative emotions grow conflict between us,
Because it is easy to speak words and do things but the kind of damage that can cause to whoever is involved sometimes cannot be fixed.

I often ask myself whether people are aware of they damage they are causing in peoples lives because its just sad, and some are aware of it but are not even doing anything.

I know that we are not perfect beings but we can try, It is our responsibility to bring positive change not only to our lives but to those of others too.
Live freely, happily and never forget those who care about you. 

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