Saturday, September 19, 2015

Perseverance and Endurance

In my last post I mentioned that perseverance and endurance are characteristics that we should all have and use against every situation in life. Its not easy to stay strong and stick things out sometimes but trust me things can only get better, all we need to do is keep going at it and believe that eventually our efforts will pay-off.

Perseverance is your ability to continue working towards achieving your goal irrespective of the difficulty or time it takes before you get there. We all know that the harder you work, the further you will go in life and that great things are never achieved easily so do not get discouraged along the way because it will all be worth it at the end. 

Endurance is your ability to go through all those challenges and situations you encounter without giving up. The life of a person who’s always looking to do better is never easy and if you lack the ability to endure the stress or pressure it can often get overwhelming and drive you to a point where you feel like you cannot take it anymore.

We all have issues and problems that we have to face daily and in spite of them we are still managing very well in our lives, that is what makes us better and stronger people!Never underestimate yourself and remember that you wouldn’t be going through it if you did not have the ability to deal with it.


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