Friday, September 11, 2015

Dealing with Conflict...

Conflict is bound to arise from every relationship or interaction between human beings, it is mostly caused by our differences and the kind of perceptions we have of each other. Depending on the cause, conflicts can get out of control and completely end relations between people, filling their hearts with hatred and anger. With that being said It is very important that we all know how to respond to conflict, How to manage and properly deal with it.

One thing I have realized is that people see conflict as an opportunity to demonstrate how able and powerful they are, Showing how able they are to shatter another's spirit with word or resorting to violence through their physical strengths. Some think that backing out of a conflict and seeking peace is a sign of weakness and inability to deal with problems, they see it as a competition to show who's better that the other.

The only thing I care about when I'm in conflict with another person is "How are we going to resolve it". Using words like I do not care or anything that tries to justify the causes of the conflict do not mean anything to me, even if they are true. No matter what the cause is I'm always willing to sit down and talk about it, talking in a way that will take us to a better place where we will find peace and resolution.

Appreciate the people in your life, value the interactions and relationships you have with them because we can never make it alone in life. I'm not a social person myself but I do love interacting with others and just learning to share my space with them.

Let this be a part of our "Positive Growth"...


  1. Interesting topic, very motivating...and true. Talking from experience - Conflict will always be part of our lives because we all come from different backgrounds with different values. The way we resolve conflict also shows our level of maturity or emotional intelligence. One can say conflict is a natural way of sharpening our character. A child as young as 1 year experiences conflict when a playmate takes her toy away...then they learn how to react towards a similar situation. We obviously expect an adult to be around supervising them - depending on how the situation is resolved will somehow form a foundation for the two playmates as well. Next time this occurs they will know how to react or at least try a different approach. My view is - anyone who has never encountered or at worst was "protected" from conflict their entire life might grow up with a weak character. Because they have never dealt with difficult situations on their own. But this does not mean one must constantly go out of their way to stir trouble in people's lives just to experience "conflict" and build their character. In that case one is lacking inner peace and needs help. It is healthy to engage in debates and challenging discussions on tough topics without getting emotional to get others thinking differently, for you to discover more about yourself and understand others' views. One needs to find a balance in all of this. Thank you for such a thought provoking made me reflect on myself as an individual...

  2. Thank you for sharing your views, much appreciation!