Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dealing with Uncertainty

 Uncertainty is a part of our everyday lives because we do things all the time with the expectation of receiving positive outcomes even though we are not certain that we will get them. 
uncertainty usually brings fear and doubt, which will eventually lead to us loosing interest or thinking that we are unable to do whatever we seek to achieve. This is okay if it is a situation that might expose you to harm or lead to great loss.

Uncertainty should not limit your ability to demonstrate your true potential, or your personal growth in anyway. The thought of not getting what you expect should not inhibit you from going out and working towards achieving your goals and dreams. 

Like we have discussed before, Positivism is choosing to focus on the positive side of everything, believing in yourself and your strengths, and taking every negative experience as a lesson that will make you a better and stronger person tomorrow.

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