Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caught In Between Feelings...

Life has actually been proper and balanced for me these past few weeks and I thought I found peace and serenity. I think the hardest thing I have ever had to experience is reaching a place in life where I'm  happy and restful but because of others or challenges, I get to see it disappear right before my eyes and be left feeling very stationary and dormant.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that give us joy or at least satisfy our emotional needs in one way or the other but all that disappears the moment you realize that it was just a Moment you were still caught up in. 
But how do you feel afterwards if it's something that you knew could happen?

With everything that's happening in my life I often find myself with the sense of being caught in between feeling, not knowing exactly how to feel about a situation or whether I should even be affected by it. 
I think that it's a result of experiencing a lot of pain and disappointment previously and now that I have taken a vow that I'm going to live out my life as positive as possible I try to avoid instances that leave me feeling down, and also the way I choose to be affected by my situations in life.

But there are things in life that you can never escape because its either you live with them or get to experience them everyday, with a consistent and unanimous feeling all the time and the inability to ever fully resolve or deal with them.

But anyway, I find freedom in writing and therefore by doing this I'm setting myself free from all these strongholds, and hope that my writing can help others also set themselves free from whatever is bothering them in life. 

We personally grow stronger everyday by choosing no to be put down by our situations in life.

Lets Continue Embracing Positive Change  

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