Saturday, November 14, 2015

Current Definition of Loneliness

Traditionally loneliness is a sad experience that comes from being apart from others, feeling alone generally. but that's not always the case because I often feel alone even when I have people around me which then shows that sometimes having people in your life does not make everything right.

For me I think its caused by having people who do not understand me personally or those who understand me but are still oblivious to what really matters to me. We all have different kinds of people in our lives, some are close, some are distant and you'd expect some sort of difference from the two which sometimes does not really exist because I sometimes feel like people will be around you for the sake of company or just to eliminate boredom and never really exceed that.

Yes one might call it expecting too much from others but I call it building a mutual relationship which benefits both persons at some point. I want to have people I can be free with without fear of anything, people who I can trust with my deepest secrets and not worry about them using it against me, people who can understand my situations and still want to be around me anyway. The list goes on and those are just the things I expect from the people who are close to me.

We do not always get what we want in life but never be afraid of expressing yourself and how you would want things to be, if those people really care then they'll understand. Now since Its a mutual thing, do not expect them to want the same things you want but rather be open to their expectations and meet them as much as they are willing to meet yours.

This is one of the things we experience at some point in our lives, but as we Embrace Positive Change we also have to learn how to deal with these issues and just be able to live life in ways that complete our true-selves.

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