Friday, November 6, 2015

Live life according to your own Standards and Discretion

We only get one chance at life, so we have to live in a way that completes and satisfies us over everything else. I do recognize that we get a lot of satisfaction from doing things that please others but we also have to recognize our own existence and remember that we also have expectations for ourselves that must not be shadowed by those of others.

for as long as your living life according to what other people expect from you, the chances of you ever really discovering and realizing yourself are slim. How are you suppose to actualize yourself if your always limited by another's expectations? How are you suppose to explore and realize your true potential if your not even allowing yourself to make decisions putting you on a path that will lead you there?

Honestly deciding to take charge of your own life is a choice that should be taken by every living being, sometimes it might be seen as being rebellious but that's better than living a predetermined life without any freedom and personal satisfaction.

I respect people who are always standing up for what they want, who are not afraid of "what others will think" and just remember that their happiness has to always come first. I found people talking and thinking on earth, and its a continuous thing I will even leave behind so I see no need to take somethings so uncontrolled and want to always be on the good side of every talk or thought!

Love and Be Yourself, You know what you want in life, so pursue it relentlessly and let nothing or no one stand in between you and your greatest desires! This is exactly how Positive Change is Embraced in one's life. 

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