Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Its Okay, Take Your Time.

One thing I have realized is that we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves because of not being satisfied with the progress we are currently making in life, its okay to want more out of life or wish for better circumstances but remember that in order for your life to be balanced, everything has to happen at the right time so that you can recognize the benefits you receive and also not feel overwhelmed by your activities.

And there's also competition, I never put myself in situations where I feel like I'm competing with anyone in life. I try to avoid those situations at all costs because i feel like they create unnecessary tension which might lead to conflicts. Now some people believe that can be used as motivation to always aim higher than the other or to always do better which can be a good thing if one is able to separate their emotions from the whole competition and limit it only to "a motivational factor".

We set goals for ourselves on our own and deal with the challenges we encounter while trying to achieve those goals alone too, if you have someone assisting you then that's good and your fortunate but I believe that most of us do this on our own. That is why we always need to do things at a pace that does not strain us, or not at another persons pace

Its okay to push yourself once in a while to explore your abilities but let it not be because of the pressure from another person, we do not go through the same things in life, that's is why it is unnecessary sometimes to want to compare yourself to others. appreciate whatever progress your making and always do whats best for yourself because eventually we'll all arrive at the destinations we want to see ourselves at!
Embrace Positive Change

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