Saturday, November 28, 2015

Which aspect of your life do you choose to Focus on?

Life has its ups and downs, you have your good days and you have the bad. And sometimes the bad tends to overwhelm the good but that doesn't mean the value of all the good things in your life should not be recognized.

I Realized that sometimes we do not live Happily because we are not allowing ourselves to be happy, you can never be happy if you concentrate too much on the things that get/got you down. Think of yourself as an environment, are you an environment that allow happiness to survive? Do you allow good things to thrive and prosper? As much as negative things affect us, do the positive ones affect you with the same magnitude? .

Life has not been easy for me but I have seen that it has to start with me, I have to make the necessary changes and choice that will make the kind of life I want to live reality. Yes it's not easy and some changes or choices have side effects but like I've said before, if it's for the greater good of yourself then it's absolutely worth it.

Love yourself enough to be willing to go the extra mile, I'm Embracing Positive Change and I don't want to partake in this journey alone because I'm not the only one needing positive change but for as long as your reading this I know that there's still hope for better days and brighter lives out here!


  1. First off well said!! We have a tendency to latch on to the negative events in Life much more than the positive things. Think about it. How many things have to go right, just to open our eyes in the morning let alone be able to get up, get out, and live. Love the energy and the article!!

    1. Thanks hey, what your saying is exactly what motivated the post. one thing goes wrong and all the positive things in our lives are wiped out which does not make sense. In order for us to live happier lives we need to focus more on the positive side of life and let it affect us for a change. but anyway thanks for sharing your view, its highly appreciated!